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Welcome to The Flight Commander's Edge

Commanding a flight is the first level of command and an excellent opportunity for Wing, Group, and Squadron Commanders to assess the potential of our most talented leaders and begin targeted development as part of an overall talent management effort. The path to exceptional Squadron Commanders begins by investing in our Flight Commanders.

The Flight Commander’s Edge is a program established by Air University and managed by the eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education to support the development of Flight Commander/Leader courses across the Air Force.

Background. Air University was tasked by the Air Force Chief of Staff to create course content options for wing leadership as they execute mission-specific Flight Commander/Leader Courses, which focus on the roles and responsibilities of command as defined in Air Force Instruction 1-2, Commander’s Responsibilities. Intent. Flight Commander/Leader Courses are wing commanders’ programs, established by direction of the CSAF. The eSchool has provided a variety of tools and content options to aid wing, NAF, and MAJCOM POCs and course directors in establishing their courses, as well as a forum for sharing local content, best practices, and lessons learned with other units. The eSchool content is not mandatory, as the eSchool does not set or mandate policy/guidance regarding the implementation or execution of any flight commander/leader courses for the wings.

Program Vision. A graduate of a Flight Commander/Leader Course should be equipped and motivated to strengthen their squadron by leading, developing, managing, and communicating with competence and confidence. The course outcomes include: improve understanding of flight commander roles, duties, and responsibilities; increase proficiency in key flight-level leadership skills and behaviors; and orient flight commanders on unit policies, programs, plans, and procedures.

Content. The Flight Commander’s Edge program includes leadership lesson plans integrated with mission-tailorable lesson guides. These guides are designed to be customized with insight and perspectives from local senior leaders and base agencies. The eSchool also offers course templates, self-assessments, feedback forms, exercises, handouts, and learning aids to help course developers, Air Force wide, to design, execute, and tailor their courses.

In order to share content, discuss best practices, and highlight lessons learned, the eSchool has leveraged the Canvas learning management system to provide an online platform for collaboration between units and POCs.

To request access to The Flight Commander’s Edge program content and community of practice, fill out the request form by clicking here. Access to the online community is not intended for current or prospective Flight Commander/Leader Course students but rather those charged with establishing/managing these courses.

Contact The Flight Commander's Edge:

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