Initial Student Cadre  25 June 01 July 15 July N/A
ACSC_FELLOW_B     25 June 01 July N/A N/A
ACSC_FELLOW_C 25 June 01 July N/A N/A
Main Body  08 July 15 July 29 July 27 May 21
ACSC_STAFF_AA_CAF  08 July 14 July N/A N/A
ACSC_STAFF_AA_MAF   08 July 14 July N/A N/A
ACSC_SANDS    08 July 14 July N/A N/A
ACSC_PAS    08 July 14 July N/A N/A


School POC:     Maj Brandon Buelow                              

Org E-mail: acsc.21stus@us.af.mil

Telephone:       DSN 493-7956                 Comm: (334) 953-7956

Additional Instructions: 

*DUE to COVID-19 RNET Includes 14 DAYS RESTRICTIONS OF MOVEMENT (ROM) base requirement students are encouraged to keep checking our inbound page for up to date information regarding in-processing and subsequent academic guidance. 


*Reporting & Sign In process Memo*

1.  Welcome Letter

2. Immediately upon assignment notification, students must email ACSC.21STUS@us.af.mil. Once member’s email is confirmed, ACSC Student Ops will add member to future distro lists outlining requirements and requests for information. 

3. Core Leadership: Officers designated as Initial Student Cadre report NET 25 June 2020 and NLT 1 Jul 2020 to attend orientation from 15-28 Jul 2020.  Officers selected to be part of the class leadership should be notified NLT 1 Apr 2020.

4. ACSC will be closed 3-6 July in conjunction with the AETC Family Day and 4th of July holiday. 

5. Early Reporting: Advance written permission must be obtained should early reporting be required (i.e. mandatory return from remote assignments).  Normal CONUS and OCONUS moves do not meet this intent.  Early reporting requests for personal convenience will not be approved.  If an early reporting request is approved, include the following statement on officer's orders: “Early Reporting Authorized. Written Approval Obtained From the Student Squadron Commander at Air Command and Staff College”.

6. Students must have a Narrative-Only PRF completed by their losing unit prior to departing base.

7. Students must be in uniform when signing-in.

8. Computer Requirements: Air University schools have transitioned to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and students will not be issued government laptops.  All students attending Air Command and Staff College are expected to bring their own personally-owned (not government-issued) device for access to course materials. Computers should be loaded with Microsoft Word at a minimum for paper writing. Additional BYOD guidance may be found on ACSC’s webpage.

9. For up-to-date information and networking prior to arrival, join “ACSC Student and Families Group 2020/2021” on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/2344194359167385

Security Clearance Information: 

A current Top Secret/SCI or Interim Top Secret clearance will be required for all LAF USAF and USN members prior to attendance. All other students (Non-LAF USAF, USA, USMC, USCG and civilians) require a minimum of a (current) Secret clearance.

However, if you desire to participate in any TS-level electives and/or briefings, we recommend that you obtain your clearance prior to arrival.  Also, if you are currently filling an SCI billet, ask your SSO for a Transfer-in-Status to the AU/SSO (DSN 953-6715/3606 or Comm 334-953-6715) at Maxwell AFB, Alabama.  Finally, if your current investigation is within 60 days of the 6 year expiration date, you must begin the update process immediately through your current security manager.  Please note – T5 (New TS) investigations will NOT be submitted after arrival at ACSC.  Please contact ACSC security manager (DSN 493-2712/Comm 334-953-2712) with any security clearance questions.