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  • Key Functions of the China Aerospace Studies Institute

    CASI aims to fill a niche in the China research community by providing high quality, unclassified research on Chinese aerospace developments in the context of U.S. strategic imperatives in the Asia-Pacific region.In pursuit of this goal, CASI supports four key functions:Publish Original Research Products on Chinese Aerospace DevelopmentCASI's
  • PLA Influence on China’s National Security Policymaking

    DownloadPLA Influence on China’s National Security Policymaking , Phillip C. Saunders and Andrew Scobell, eds., (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2015).
  • The People’s Liberation Army and Contingency Planning in China

    Download: The People’s Liberation Army and Contingency Planning in China Andrew Scobell, Arthur S. Ding, Phillip C. Saunders, and Scott W. Harold, eds.,(Washington, DC: National Defense University Press, 2015). 
  • Chinese Military Reform in the Age of Xi Jinping: Drivers, Challenges, and Implications

    Download Chinese Military Reform in the Age of Xi Jinping: Drivers, Challenges, and Implications, Joel Wuthnow and Phillip C. Saunders, China Strategic Perspectives 10 (March 2017)
  • Asia and the Trump Administration: Challenges, Opportunities, and a Road Ahead

    Download:Asia and the Trump Administration: Challenges, Opportunities, and a Road Ahead, James J. Przystup and Phillip C. Saunders, INSS Strategic Perspectives 26 (May 2017).
  • Chinese Military Diplomacy, 2003-2016: Trends and Implications

    Download:Chinese Military Diplomacy, 2003-2016: Trends and Implications, Kenneth Allen, Phillip C. Saunders, and John Chen China Strategic Perspectives 11 (July 2017)
  • Chinese Perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative

    Download -Chinese Perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative: Strategic Rationales, Risks, and Implications, Joel Wuthnow,  China Strategic Perspectives 12 (October 2017).
  • CASI participates in the US-Taiwan Business Council Defense Conference

    CASI participated in the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council Defense Conference in Princeton, NJ.  This was Mr. Allen's 14th time participating in the conference (out of 16 total).  This year, Dr. Mulvaney presented on a panel discussing conventional threats.  He discussed the current threats facing Taiwan, possible vulnerabilities of those threats, and
  • CASI Associates Program

    The CASI Associates program allows CASI to leverage experts across the field of PLA and Chinese aerospace studies, who may not otherwise be available to the USAF, to conduct research and deliver findings and outcomes in support of CASI’s mission.  CASI Associates work on specific topics of interest; conduct broad based, and often native-language
  • CASI participates in the Jamestown Foundation PLA conference

    CASI was honored to be asked to participate in the 2017 China Defense and Security Conference hosted by the Jamestown Foundation.  Dr. Mulvaney and Mr. Allen served on the first panel of the conference, which examined "The PLA at 90", from the Air, Ground, and Sea perspectives. We would like to thank the Jamestown Foundation for the opportunity,
  • CASI Periodicals Project

    The Chinese Military Periodicals Database Consulting Project will leverage open source native language (simplified Mandarin Chinese) periodicals to catalog, research, and provide a better understanding of Chinese Aerospace activities.  This shall include, but is not limited to, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force (PLAAF), the PLA Navy
  • CASI 2017-18 Research Plan

    CASI's 2017-18 Research Agenda includes the following projects:1) How increased PRC air activities (primarily in the East China Sea) are impacting U.S., its allies, and partners.2) How / is the PRC using bombers for strategic messaging and/or deterrence. 3) What is the current state of, and near term future of, China's aerospace industrial base.
  • China is opening a new quantum research supercenter

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/chinas-launches-new-quantum-research-supercenterThe country wants to build a quantum computer with a million times the computing power of all others presently in the world.BNATIONAL LABORATORY FOR QUANTUM INFORMATION SCIENCESThe $10 billion National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences in
  • China plans to launch rockets into space from massive freighters and planes

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/chinese-space-rockets-launch-air-seaThe country wants to become a space superpower.LONG MARCH 11Thanks to its solid-fueled engine, the Long March 11 can be stored for a long time in a ready-to-fire mode.WeiboChina's land-based Long March space launch rockets have been the backbone of its space
  • China's showing off its new helicopters

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/latest-in-chinas-new-helicopter-plansA peek into the China Helicopter Expo.Z-10The Z-10, with colored smoke dispensers, makes a flyby during aerobatic maneuvers at the 4th China Helicopter Expo.WeChat, via by78At the 4th China Helicopter Exposition, an airshow in Tianjin, the nation flaunted its