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CASI Associates Program

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The CASI Associates program allows CASI to leverage experts across the field of PLA and Chinese aerospace studies, who may not otherwise be available to the USAF, to conduct research and deliver findings and outcomes in support of CASI’s mission.  CASI Associates work on specific topics of interest; conduct broad based, and often native-language Mandarin based research; and produce articles, papers, and monographs for CASI.  Additionally, CASI Associates present findings, act as subject matter experts for roundtables, senior leader engagements, and conferences.  

There are three methods of engagement for CASI Associates:

1) CASI directed projects.  CASI has a number of topics across its mission areas where we solicit expert input from our Associates.  These projects are typically short in duration, that is to say months rather than years. The projects typically result in a sponsored paper/article to be published by CASI.  If you wish to learn more about CASI Associates or would like to participate in the program for future projects, please let us know by clicking here for further info on Becoming a CASI Associate.

2) CASI sponsored projects.  CASI serves as the focal point for the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Department of Defense, for aerospace issues related to China.  CASI takes suggestions for research topics of interest to the USAF, DoD, and other military or government organizations, and then determines the best way to meet the needs of these requests.  CASI Associates play a vital role in this process.  If you are an agency or organization that has a request for support or a topic you would like researched, please let us know by clicking here to Submit a Request for CASI assistance.

3) CASI Associate focused topics.  CASI is fortunate to have Associates who are focused on a wide range of aerospace related issues.  Associates may nominate to CASI topics on which they are currently conducting, or intend to conduct, research to become a CASI product.  If you are working on, or have an idea for, research related to Chinese aerospace that you think would be of interest to CASI, the U.S. Air Force, or the DoD writ large, please click here to Submit a Topic Proposal.

Please see the PDF IconCASI Style Guide for writing, formatting, and submission specifics.