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China Establishes Military-Civilian Integrated Innovation Center for Cyberspace Security

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  • By ChinaNews.Com

Beijing, 26 Dec (ZXS) -- Under the guidance of the General Office of the Central Commission for Integrated Military and Civilian Development and other relevant military departments, a military-civilian integrated innovation center for cyberspace security (网络空间安全军民融合创新中心), of which 360 Enterprise Security Group was the lead contractor, was officially established in Beijing today.

At the launch ceremony in Beijing today, Qi Xiangdong, chairman of 360 Enterprise Security Group [hereinafter referred to as "the 360 Group"], said that the innovation center was established out of the realistic needs of the new security situation: the need to cope with the challenges of the complex situation pertaining to global network security, the need to thoroughly implement the strategy of building a strong network army and the strategy for integrated military-civilian development, and the need for network security enterprises to grow and develop  .

He said: At present, cyberspace security threats appear to be spreading globally. Incidents, including the global outbreak of a ransomware using "EternalBlue" this May, a cyber attack on Ukraine's power grid, and the "EmailGate" emerging in the [2016] US presidential election, showed that cyber terrorist attacks, economic cybercrime, and chaos evolving out of online public opinion have become global public hazards. Network security has a bearing on national security, regime solidity, social stability, and the outcome of a war.

Qi Xiangdong said: During the construction of the innovation center, the 360 Group will provide support in expertise and personnel, provide basic support for big data security analytics, and take the lead in serving as a link between military and the field collaboration. As the biggest network security company in China, the 360 Group currently has 600 million PC users and 800 million mobile users and owns the world's largest big data database containing network security-related information, with which the company has established the world's first system truly based on big data technology to detect and back trace  unknown threats.

China's National Development and Reform Commission approved in February the construction of a national engineering laboratory for big data collaborative security technology, which was carried out by the 360 Group, in a bid to solve such problems unveiled in China's big data environment as the insufficient ability to monitor data security and system security, provide early warning, and respond to emergencies. Relying on this laboratory, the 360 Group will provide the innovation center with basic support for big data security analytics.


2017年12月26日 21:50 来源:中国新闻网 
中新社北京12月26日电 (记者 刘育英 赵建华)在中央军民融合办和军队相关部门指导下,由360公司牵头承建的网络空间安全军民融合创新中心26日在北京正式成立。