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Dr. Mulvaney discusses the missile balance in Asia

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  • By http://globaltaiwan.org/2018/12/recording-comparative-missile-balance-in-east-asia/
On Wednesday, December 19, the Global Taiwan Institute held a public seminar titled “Comparative Missile Balance in East Asia.” Newspaper articles regularly feature articles about China’s Dong Feng missiles, Taiwan’s Hsiung Feng missiles, North Korea’s Taepodong, South Korea’s Haeseong, and US missiles such as THAAD or Aegis SM-3 deployed in the East Asia region. We have assembled a panel of experts to discuss the role such missiles play in each country’s order of battle, and to especially differentiate between conventional missiles versus nuclear missiles and their disparate missions. What would come into play during a Taiwan scenario, Senkaku scenario or South China Sea scenario? How would missile strategies differ between a small-scale local fight versus the horrible possibility of all-out war between major powers? These questions and more were and answered by an remarkable panel of experts: Brendan Mulvaney, the director of the China Aerospace Studies Institute;  senior fellow on Asian military affairs at the International Assessment and Strategy Center and a member of GTI’s Advisory Board Rick Fisher; and Eric Gomez, policy analyst for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute. The event was moderated by GTI’s senior research fellow David An.

Audio available at: http://globaltaiwan.org/2018/12/recording-comparative-missile-balance-in-east-asia/