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PLAAF Maintenance issues

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Jin Liubiao (金柳标), an enlisted maintenance technician (机械员) of an Eastern TCAF Maintenance Group (东部战区航空兵某部机务大队), mentioned the unwritten rule for maintenance personnel: malfunctions (故障) cannot be left overnight. Disassembling a flow valve (拆卸流量活门) takes 8 hours. Changing aircraft part(s) (更换机件) takes 13 hours. Restoring the fuselage (恢复蒙皮) takes 1.5 hours. So for 22 hours and 30 minutes, Jin, along with 5 other personnel,  worked and solved the rear cockpit's environment control system malfunction (后舱环控系统故障).

Yu Weibo (余伟波), a maintenance technician (机械师), mentioned the working time (工作时间) at the airfield line (外场) is more than 18 hours every day.

Ma Wenming (马文明) is the oldest individual in the repair shop (修理厂). He joined the military in 1997, and has since witnessed (见证了) every major mission (重大任务). In one instance, after a unit (from context, it was likely an air unit) was transferred to northwest China to participate in an exercise (演习), Ma noticed that the engines of three transferred aircraft had batch issues (批次性问题). It was only 4 days until the exercise was due to start. Moreover, it normally takes 3 days to swap out an engine with a full staff. Ma calmly worked out an optimized work flow. For the next 4 days, he and his personnel (4 personnel in total) worked hard and did not rest. In the end. All of the aircraft were able to participate in the exercise without issues.

Once (date not given), the electronics system (电子系统) of a certain aircraft needed an expedited refit (应急改装). [Translator's note: there are multiple aircraft involved] Moreover, the specific refit covered an path (改装线路) that fell under the armaments (军械机件部位). At the same time, each aircraft was to be used for flight and combat readiness missions (执行飞行和战备任务), so there was not much  time left for maintenance. Liu Yunfeng (刘云峰), a maintenance technician officer in the 1st Maintenance Squadron (机务一中队军械师), had led armaments specialists (军械专业) in coordination with an electronics subunit (电子分队), had set a record of refitting one aircraft per day (每天改装一架飞机的纪录).