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The China Aerospace Studies Institute is a Department of the Air Force organization.  As such, we follow federal guidelines and processes for hiring people.

For most positions, we use USAJobs.gov to announce positions, collect resumes and qualifications, assess candidates, and make decisions.  USAJobs is the central point for most executive branch hiring and is free to register for an account and set up an ongoing search for CASI or CHINA.  

When jobs are posted on USAJobs, we will make an announcement on our social media: https://www.facebook.com/CASI.Research.Org , https://twitter.com/CASI_Research , https://www.linkedin.com/company/china-aerospace-studies-institute/  

The general process is: A position becomes available at CASI (either by someone departing, or we get an increase in manning), we put in a request to the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) to 'requisition' a candidate to fill that position (this usually takes about a month)  Next the USAF will advertise within the USAF to see if there are any individuals who are interested and are qualified (announcements are usually posted for 1-2 weeks). If there are none within the Department of the Air Force, it is announced internal to the U.S. government as a whole (again another 1-2 weeks for the announcement).  Finally, if no qualified applicant applies, then it goes to a designated unit that reviews the request and determines if we can announce to the general public.  If the determination is made that there are no candidates within USG, it is announced to the public on USAJobs.  That announcement will also be 1-2 weeks.  After which we review all the candidates and make selection or selections depending on the number of positions available.  Once selections are made, AFPC reviews the chosen candidates to ensure they qualified for government service.  Next individuals are notified with an initial job offer, usually 1-2 weeks after we make our selection.  Once the individual accepts the initial offer, they complete the required paperwork, AFPC conducts a suitability review, and then finally a firm job offer is extended.  So as you can see it is a long process from opening of a position to getting someone on board at CASI.

Additionally, we are able to do by name requests for certain individuals with direct hiring authority, for example Boren fellows.  These opportunities are announced within their respective organizations or qualification pools.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you for your interest.