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CASI quarterly update #2 for 2021

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CASI Quarterly update
#2 for 2021

Friends of CASI,

Despite the ups and downs, openings and closings, that we are all experiencing, CASI continues to 
press on with our research and publications.  Despite the changing circumstances, CASI was able to 
host 10 cadets from the U.S. Air Force Academy for summer internships.

And of course our big news was that the Chief Of Staff issued a CASI Charter, outlining our roles 
and missions for the Department, and was also gracious enough to provide an introduction to our new 
video series on competition with China.  We launched the first in the series- “Foundations of 
Competition”, which is now available on DIVDS and Youtube. You can expect more videos in the series 
throughout the Fall and end of this year.

Current Research
1.   Joint project with JASDF Center for Air and Space Power Strategic Studies, focused on air 
threats to Japan
2.   Joint project with Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), focused on how China views 
deterrence, how they seek to implement it, and what Australia and the U.S. can do about it

Recent Publications
1.   70 Years of the People's Liberation Army Air Force
2.  The “New Normal” in the skies around Japan article
3.   ASPI Strategic Insights report “To Deter the PRC”
4.   In China Brief, “Early Warning Brief: The PLA’s Military Diplomacy Under COVID-19”
5.   In China Brief, “The PLA Navy’s ZHANLAN Training Series in 2021: Growing

Emphasis on Joint Operations on the High Seas”
6.   Beijing’s ‘New Normal’ in the Skies around Japan
7.   PLA Aerospace Primer 2nd edition in Turkish
8.   Second Combat Brigade of PRC Air Force Likely Receives Stealth Fighter
9.  China’s Ballistic Missile Industry case study
10. In China Brief: New Concept Weapons: China Explores New Mechanisms to Win War
11. In CYBER Magazine, “China’s Satellite Super Factories and US National Security”

Reports forthcoming:
1.   Authored chapter for Australian National Security College on Airpower in the Indian Ocean

“In Their Own Words” – Translations of PRC materials
1.   China’s System - Face to Face
Support to the Warfighter
1.   Guest Speaker at GO-level Senior Joint Information Ops Applications Course
2.   Participated in ONA Strategic Choices workshop
3.   INDOPACOM’s Strategic Focus Group on CCP Leadership Dynamics/ Relationships
4.   Participated in DTRA’s China's Alternative Defense Modernization Trajectories working group
5.   Supported Defense Technology Security Administration with native language analysis

6.   Guest Speaker at Combined Forces Air Component Commander’s course

7. Hosted Webinar for ACC focused on PRC Artificial Intelligence and Quantum issues

1.   Guest Speaker at SASS
2.   Guest Speaker at Air Force Senior Staff Course
3.  Worked with AFCLC to create and deliver a weeklong course for USAF FAOs and LEAP participants
4.  Developed and hosted week-long course on PLA research fundamentals for A5, A8, CASI staff, USAFA cadets, DTRA and others
5.   Guest Speaker at ISR 200

Engagement and Outreach
In addition to providing support to Air Force staff, CASI has had another busy quarter supporting 
the USAF and the DoD, as well as our allies, partners, and friends. CASI:
1.   Held a meeting with the PRC Military Attaché
2.   Guest Speaker at the Atlantic Forum
3.   Participated in CSAF meeting with the Atlantic Council
4.   Panelist for Military Space Situational Awareness Conference
5.   Panelist for Stockholm International Peace Research Institute workshop on Chinese Nuclear Weapons
6.   Presenter for China Maritime Studies Institute biannual conference
7.   Held a join working group with Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), focused on the Air and Space domains vis-à-vis deterrence
8.  Held meeting with Checkmate office for 70 years of the PLAAF publishing event
9.   Met with the A5 staff regarding China working group
10. Briefed Center for Naval Analysis on Tiananmen Square
11. Briefed OSD Red Team on Tiananmen Square
12. Briefed OSD Red Team on 70 Years of the PLAAF publication
13. Keynote speaker for the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) Lockdown, Lunch and Learn series with Lt Gen (Ret) Jack Shanahan.
14. Opening speaker for the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) Lockdown, Lunch and Learn series with Sean McEnroe (USAF Veteran and Cloud Security Engineer).

1.   Continued working with PACAF, and helping advertise their “State of the Game” newsletter
2.   Participates in weekly Air Staff China synchronization group
3.   Participated in DASD-China educational series on Chinese Military Decision Making
4.   Participates in monthly OCEA events focused on China’s economy
5.   Partnering with the Air Force Culture & Language Center and the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center to develop a joint Language Intensive Training Event for Language Scholars

1.   Participated in Joint Special Operations University’s SOF in Strategic Competition conference
2.   Participated in OSD Red Team discussion with Jude Blanchette
3.   Participated in SMi Military Satellite Communications USA conference
4.   Attended IISS’s Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment event

CASI continues its close relationship and holds regular meetings with the HAF and SAF 
representatives, making sure that our research is policy and plans relevant.

We have selected someone for our position here in D.C. and as soon as all the paperwork is 
complete, we will certainly publicize who will be joining us.
We have several positions at Air University open.  If you, or anyone you know, is interested, 
please get in touch with us.
CASI Director of Education (GS-13) CASI Researcher (GS-12)

Keep in contact with us:
CASI website www.airuniversity.af.mil/CASI/ Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/CASI_Research
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CASI.Research.Org
Link with us on LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/company/china-aerospace-studies-institute

As always, please feel free to send this update, or our website/ contact information, to anyone you 
feel might be interested in CASI or our research. Let us know if you have any thoughts, requests 
for support, or ideas for future papers and projects.