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CASI Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE) Program

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The China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI) has been approved for a new China-focused Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE) program that will begin in August 2023.

CSAF authorized this new program to advance the Action Order-Competition task to “educate and train for competition” by developing officers to be critical, comparative, and strategic thinkers for the emerging threat environment. Two (2) high caliber officers will join CASI’s team at Ft McNair in Washington, D.C. to conduct and present rigorous research; engage with interagency partners, the Joint Staff, HAF, MAJCOMs, and Combatant Commands; attend government and academic conferences; and participate in focused wargames and exercises to establish and enhance their understanding of China. Officers from all Line of the Air Force competitive categories are eligible for the CASI IDE program.

The CASI IDE program selection process and timeline are the same as other IDE programs (Air Command and Staff College, etc.), as outlined in AFPC Personnel Services
Delivery Memorandum (PSDM) 22-01, with officers identifying their IDE preferences through MyVector and senior raters nominating officers for PME. A Central PME Board will create a relative order of merit for IDE-nominated officers based on their record of performance and demonstrated potential, and individual AFSC Development Teams will vector each nominated officer to compete for three IDE programs. The nominated and vectored officers will compete for specific programs with public release expected in August 2022. AFPC’s Developmental Education staff, officer assignment teams for individual AFSCs, and local personnel representatives are responsible for managing the IDE nomination, vectoring, and selection process.

If you have any questions about CASI or the new CASI IDE program, please contact Lt Col Justin Settles at justin.settles@us.af.mil