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CASI Quarterly update #1 for 2023

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CASI Quarterly update
#1 for 2023

Friends of CASI,

            CASI is super excited, and immensely proud, to announce that our very own MSgt Samantha Payne was selected as the Air University Senior NCO of the year! So it should be no surprise that she was also just selected for promotion to Senior Master Sergeant (was in fact the number one selectee!).  But she is so awesome that we are sad to announce that we are losing her early; however, it is for a position with the National Security Council at the White House, so we can’t be too mad.  She will be the Special Assistant to the Senior Director for Technology & National Security.  This will be a great win for the country, and an incredible opportunity for her, but a big loss for CASI.  We all wish her fair winds and following seas.


CASI’s Fundamentals of the PLA Course- We recently held the winter iteration of our three-day course on the Fundamentals of the PLA course.  And we conducted a mobile training version for HQ Marine Corps, helping the joint team all around.  We are in the process of planning out the rest of the FY for mobile training teams, and already have several requests (if your organization is interested, please let us know and we can work on timing and details).  We also plan on holding an in-person iteration here in the D.C. area once a quarter.  The next course will be held at the end of summer, probably around the last week of July, here at National Defense University in D.C. 

The course is free and open to all DoD and U.S. government employees, as well as civilian contractors working for the DoD.  There is no requirement for a security clearance.  If you are interested in attending, please email us at PLA-Fundamentals@CASI-Research.Org


Recent Publications

  1. People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force’s New Normal: Enhanced VR Simulation  
  2. How China Wins the Cognitive Domain
  3. "PLA Air Force Expands Fourth-Generation Transition Training to Another Academy"
  4. Who is General Li Shangfu: China Next Defense Minister?
  5. Hypersonic Research Collaboration between Sweden and People’s Republic of China
  6. PRC Defense S&T Key Lab Directory
  7. Concerning the Possibility that the Chinese TB-001 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was Involved in Ballistic Missile Impacts

CASI is pleased to offer hard copies of CASI full reports for free.  Please see our website at:

for the full list and for the order form.  Please note- most of the articles and short reports are available in PDF only.

CASI’s “In Their Own Words” – Translations of PRC materials

  1. China's Aerospace Security Strategic Concept 《中国战略文化解析》
  2. Language Confrontation in Cognitive Domain Operations
  3. Forging Ahead to Open a New Chapter of China-Russia Friendship, Cooperation and Common Development


Support to the Warfighter

  1. Briefed HAF Strategy & Planning Division
  2. Held discussions with OUSD(R&E)
  3. Participated in FG-23 Seminar at RAND
  4. Briefed Marine Aircraft Group 24 Commanders and SgtsMaj
  5. Briefed MAG-24 personnel
  6. Briefed PACAF A2
  7. Held discussions with PACAF A5S
  8. Held discussions with PACAF A5
  9. Keynote engagement with 25th ID
  10. Briefed MARFORPAC G-5 and staff
  11. Participated at IDA event for HAF A5
  12. Participated in Futures Game ‘23
  13. Led interagency working group for the CASI Winter Workshop
  14. Held discussions with USSF CSRO and S2
  15. Held discussions with Space Command J2
  16. Keynote address at Delta 13 Commander’s Conference
  17. Keynote speaker at 21M Leaders’ Summit
  18. Hosted quarterly webinar for ACC focused on the PRC’s Hypersonic Research Landscape
  19. Briefed the 515 AMOW
  20. Briefed the 2nd Maintenance Group
  21. Featured presenters at Washington Air National Guard Commanding General’s conference for 400 Air National Guardsmen and allies and partners
  22. Held discussions with Joint Staff J7
  23. Briefed 70th Operations Support Squadron
  24. Briefed at 193 Special Operations Wing leadership event
  25. Briefed multiple elements of 3rd Wing



  1. Engaged with the USAF Innovation Research Task Force and fellows
  2. Panelist and presenters at Army War College’s PLA Conference
  3. Lectured at Air Force Senior Leader Course
  4. Featured speaker at Joint Flag Officer Warfighters Course
  5. Featured speaker at USSF NCO Academy
  6. Briefed five classes at USAFA
  7. Delivered Strategic Competition Briefing to ACC-wide 1C3 AFSC
  8. Featured speaker at ACSC
  9. Featured speaker at Combined Force Air Component Commanders Course
  10. Featured speaker at Gaylor NCOA Commandant's Time
  11. Delivered Strategic Competition briefing to SEAC’s GATEWAY EJPME Course
  12. Guest speaker at the Chief Orientation Course
  13. Featured presenter at Gunter NCO Academy course
  14. Guest speaker to 13 EPME classes/900+ students, including Chief Leadership Course, S/NCOA, SEAC GATEWAY course, etc.
  15. Provided the Holm Center a brief on Strategic Competition
  16. Taught NDU elective on China’s perception of Cognitive Domain and Social Media.
  17. Presented research on Chinese views of all-domain operations at a DIA seminar


 Engagement and Outreach
     In addition to providing support to Air Force staff, CASI has had another busy quarter supporting the USAF and the DoD, as well as our allies, partners, and friends. CASI:

  1. Discussant for ICAS event with Admiral Gilday on China, Japan and Koreas and US National Security
  2. Met with Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies staff
  3. Gave an interview to CNN Global
  4. Gave an interview to The Wire China
  5. Attended Japanese Attaché’s Air Power reception
  6. Gave an interview to Svenska Dagbladet
  7. Met with former Speaker of the House
  8. Met with delegation from Japanese National Institute for Defense Studies
  9. Met with UK Strategic Analysis & Force Development office
  10. Panelist at Wilson Center & Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation conference on International Perspectives on a Global China
  11. Participated in JASDF OSINT Working Group conference
  12. Participated in Women in Science and Engineering Symposium
  13. Participated in National Defense University’s Cyber Summit
  14. Participated in the AETC Intel Working Group
  15. Participated in a trilateral (U.S.-Japan-Korea) conference on Chinese open-source information
  16. Met with RAF RCO regarding UAV swarm research


Events Attended

  1. Attended The First Battle of the Next War: Wargaming a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan
  2. Confucius Institutes at U.S. Institutions of Higher Education: Report Public Release
  3. Scenarios of Systemic US-China War
  4. Book Talk Webinar: Mao's Army Goes to Sea 
  5. Attended AFCEA Conference
  6. Represented CASI at AFA Air Warfare Symposium
  7. Participated in the Women Air & Space Symposium
  8. Attended China’s Global Influence and Interference Activities event
  9. Attended the DAF Total Force Integration Symposium


CASI continues its close relationship and holds regular meetings with the HAF and SAF representatives, making sure that our research is policy and plans relevant.


Our Director of Warfighter Engagement (GS-14) job announcement was advertised on USAJobs in early April.  We are waiting for the list of applicants from AFPC and hope to have a selection shortly after that.  We also should have a GS-13 and GS-12 position opening up on USAJobs soon, so please keep an eye out.  We will be sure to put it out on our Social Media as soon as the announcement hits the streets.

Keep in contact with us:
CASI website www.airuniversity.af.mil/CASI/
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/CASI_Research
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CASI.Research.Org
Link with us on LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/company/china-aerospace-studies-institute

As always, please feel free to send this update, or our website/ contact information, to anyone you feel might be interested in CASI or our research. Let us know if you have any thoughts, requests for support, or ideas for future papers and projects.