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CASI Quarterly update #2 for 2023

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CASI Quarterly update #2 for 2023 (click here for the PDF Version)

Friends of CASI,
     We have had another successful quarter.  CASI was busy with research, education, and outreach all throughout the last three months.  And it looks to be full steam ahead.


     We are happy to announce that we have selected our inaugural Director of Warfighter Engagement.  The wheels of Air Force personnel are in work, and he should be on board this summer.  Stay tuned for further details.

     But personnel in the USAF is a revolving door.  Our Deputy Director, Lt Col Justin Settles, has come to the end of his time with us.  Justin just returned from a six month deployment and rolled right into a PCS.  Thankfully, he is coming up to D.C. and will be working on Indo-Pacific issues at the A5, so we are keeping him in the fight.  We hope to welcome our next Deputy in August.

CASI’s Fundamentals of the PLA Course- We have held several more iterations of the mobile course.  We are holding another iteration here in D.C. in Sep (6th to the 8th).  We have a waitlist, so if you are interested in attending that one if a spot opens up, please let us know.

     Next we will be in Nevada toward the end of August, and then Carlisle in mid-September, and right back to Langley at the end of September---- Yes indeed, the course is in high demand. 

     The next scheduled course in D.C. is the last week of November.  If you are interested in hosting a mobile training team version of the three day course, please let us know and we will find open space on the calendar to work with.

     The course is free and open to all DoD and U.S. government employees, as well as civilian contractors working for the DoD.  There is no requirement for a security clearance.  If you are interested in attending, please email us at PLA-Fundamentals@CASI-Research.Org

CASI Conference 2024 Our 大哥(CMSI) put on a great conference this year, so it’s our turn next year.  Mark your calendars for Tues, 14 May 2024 for the CASI Conference 2024.  More information to follow in our next newsletter, but we wanted to put a marker out there in time for people to make plans to get to D.C. from the far-flung reaches.

Recent Publications

  1. China Gears Up for Cognitive Warfare
  2. The PLA Hopes B-21 Will Follow in B-2’s Footsteps
  3. Hypersonic Research Collaboration between the United Kingdom and People’s Republic of China
  4. China-Russia Space Cooperation: The Strategic, Military, Diplomatic, and Economic Implications of a Growing Relationship
  5. What is China Doing at the Lunar Distant Retrograde Orbit?
  6. China Maritime Report No. 27: PLA Navy Submarine Leadership - Factors Affecting Operational Performance
  7. Where are the PLA’s other laser dazzling facilities?
  8. Enhancing the Battleverse: PLA’s Digital Twin Strategy
  9. The Regenerating Road China’s Rapid Runway Repair Capabilities and Other Recovery Methods
  10. Additionally, the Center for Information on Security Trades Central published their translation into Japanese of CASI’s report on the PRC’s Defense Key Laboratories

CASI is pleased to offer hard copies of CASI full reports for free.  Please see our website at: https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/CASI/CASI-Publications/ 
for the full list and for the order form.  Please note- most of the articles and short reports are available in PDF only.

CASI’s “In Their Own Words” – Translations of PRC materials

  1.  ITOW: Language Confrontation in Cognitive Domain Operations
  2.  ITOW: PRC Anti-Espionage Law

CASI’s Video series

  1. CASI Webinar on the CCP 20th Party Congress
  2. Competition with China: PLA Rocket Force
  3. CASI Webinar: PRC Hypersonics Research Landscape
  4. UK Cable on Tiananmen Square Massacre June 4th, 1989

Support to the Warfighter

  1. Briefed U.S. Space Force Senior Leader Summit
  2. Panelist at China Maritime Studies Institute biennial conference
  3. Delivered paper on the airborne component to Chinese undersea warfare at CMSI biennial conference
  4. Featured speaker at Minuteman III mission center
  5. Met with CSO Strategic Initiatives Group
  6. Supported A4LX
  7. Briefed 5th Air Force
  8. Held meeting with US Forces-Japan J3
  9. Met with Combined Task Force 71 Operations
  10. Supported OSD R&E on hypersonics topic
  11. Briefed 412th Test Wing
  12. Briefed Combined Forces Air Component Commander course
  13. Briefed 193rd Special Operations Wing
  14. Briefed multiple units at Ft. Meade, MD
  15. Briefed at AFMC Senior Leader Orientation and Agile Patriot course for emerging leaders
  16. Guest presenter at Edwards AFB quarterly PME                      


  1. Guest speaker at 369th Recruiting Squadron annual conference
  2. Featured speaker at Air Force Senior Leader Course
  3. Featured speaker at Dyess AFB Professional Development event
  4. Featured speaker at JAG School Leadership Course
  5. Guest speaker to 8 EPME classes/600+ students, including Chief Leadership Academy and multiple NCO Academies
  6. Guest speaker at Space Force NCO and SNCOA
  7. Guest speaker at multiple First Sergeant Professional Development events
  8. Briefed faculty at NDU on China Cyber Strategy.
  9. Featured speaker at HammerCon 2023. 

 Engagement and Outreach
     In addition to providing support to Air Force staff, CASI has had another busy quarter supporting the USAF and the DoD, as well as our allies, partners, and friends. CASI:

  1. Supported request from the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Research & Engineering) related to CASI’s Hypersonics Research paper
  2. Support OSD with information from CASI’s report on China’s Defense Labs system
  3. Interviewed for Air & Space Forces Magazine article, “USAF Analysis: China Hopes The US Can’t Afford Enough B-21s to Make A Difference”
  4. Guest speaker at HQ Luftwaffe
  5. Met with Australian Strategic Policy Institute
  6. Contributed to GAO report on Contacts with the People’s Republic of China
  7. Met with German Ministry of Defense in Berlin
  8. Held meetings with Royal Air Force, and FVEY partners
  9. Featured presenter for UK MOD JHub
  10. Featured speaker at the international Space Situational Awareness Conference
  11. Met with Japanese Air Self Defense Force Chief of Staff
  12. Reviewed National Academies report on Foreign-Funded Language and Culture Institutes in U.S. Higher Education
  13. Presented lecture at Japanese Air Self Defense Force’s Center for Air and Space Power Strategic Studies
  14. Held a meeting with the Japanese Air Self Defense Force’s 1st Materiel Unit
  15. Exchanged briefs with Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies
  16. Met with Japan’s Space Ops Group
  17. Met with U.S. Army Asian Studies Detachment
  18. Guest speaker at the Military Space USA conference
  19. Featured guest on the DownLink Podcast https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cyber-space-microsoft-says-theres-chinese-typhoon%3FtrackingId=4OfAanHcQ4%252Bu%252BhNbQORmrw%253D%253D/?trackingId=4OfAanHcQ4%2Bu%2BhNbQORmrw%3D%3D
  20. Hosted a visit by personnel from the Japanese Self Defense Force’s Center for Air and Space Power Strategic Studies
  21. Guest speaker at International Senior Enlisted Leader Course organized by USAF Chief Leadership Academy

CASI continues its close relationship and holds regular meetings with the HAF and SAF representatives, making sure that our research is policy and plans relevant.


            We also should have a GS-13 and GS-12 position opening up on USAJobs soon, so please keep an eye out.  We will be sure to put it out on our Social Media as soon as the announcement hits the streets.

Keep in contact with us:
CASI website www.airuniversity.af.mil/CASI/
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/CASI_Research
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CASI.Research.Org
Link with us on LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/company/china-aerospace-studies-institute

As always, please feel free to send this update, or our website/ contact information, to anyone you feel might be interested in CASI or our research. Let us know if you have any thoughts, requests for support, or ideas for future papers and projects.