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CASI Conference 2022- Great Power Competition and Deterrence

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CASI will hold its biennial CASI Conference Tuesday 17 May 2022 in person at National Defense University in the Lincoln Hall auditorium.  The conference is open for registration, and is free to attend.  More information can be found on the registration page at: CASI Conference 2022

07:30-07:45    Registration
07:45-08:00    Opening and admin: Dr. Mulvaney (CASI), Mark Watson (ASPI)
08:00-09:10    Panel 1: Great Powers and Deterrence 
        Moderator: Dr. Stacie Pettyjohn, CNAS
            How China views deterrence, Col Kyle Marcrum, U.S. Army
            How the U.S. approaches strategic deterrence, Dr. Tom Mahnken, CSBA
            Russia’s views of deterrence, Jeffrey Edmunds, CNA

09:15-10:15    Keynote address- former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

10:15-10:30    Break

10:30-12:00    Panel 2: Russia & China
        Moderator: Dr. Malcolm Davis, ASPI
            Russia-China Space cooperation, Kevin Pollpeter, CNA
            Russia-China Aerospace connections, David Markov, IDA
            The Deterrent Value of the Sino-Russian Partnership, Dr. Elizabeth Wishnick, CNA

12:00-12:50    Lunch

13:00-14:30    Panel 3: Allies and Partners
        Moderator: Dr. Mulvaney
            Japan- Col. Sugiyama, JASDF 
            Australia- Malcolm Davis, ASPI
            India- Jagannath Panda, Stockholm Centre for South Asian & Indo-Pacific Affairs
            UK– Sophy Antrobus, Freeman Institute King’s College
14:30-14:45    Break

14:45-15:45  Closing Keynote- Secretary of the Air Force, Frank Kendall
15:45-16:00  Closing comments- Dr. Mulvaney

If you have a problem with the Eventbrite page, please let us know: Conference@CASI-Research.ORG

And please, tell a friend, sometimes the E-Vites get blocked by filters, so please feel free to pass it along to anyone who might be interested. 

It is an open conference, all that is needed to attend is to register.  If you don’t have a CAC or military ID, please register for a visitor pass at https://pass.aie.army.mil/jbmhh/ prior to 7 May. The form will require a U.S. driver's license number. If you do not have one, please contact salisbury@casi-research.org for alternate pre-vetting.