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CASI Quarterly update #4 for 2023

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CASI Quarterly update
#4 for 2023

Friends of CASI,
            We hope you all had a chance to enjoy some time with family and friends, and remembered those who can’t do so because they are deployed in service to our nation.  It has been another busy quarter for the CASI team, but that just means we are having an impact and helping to make the Department, its personnel, our allies, and partners, all better informed and aware.



The first rule of government hiring is- don’t talk about government hiring.  Every time we think we are close, we hit a snag.  So, I won’t jinx it by saying anything more than, we have a couple positions open, and are hopeful we will get people onboard by Spring.


But I do want to take a moment to note that our Director of Research for the past several years, Mr. Rod Lee, departed CASI in December.  He has moved across the river to work in OSD and will be continuing all the good work from his new space in the Pentagon.  We wish him well, but not really a farewell, since we know we will see plenty of him going forward.


CASI’s Fundamentals of the PLA Course:

We had an amazing turnout for our November session of the PLA Fundamentals course here at NDU in November.  We had more than 70 people sign up, including several international partners.  We are so pleased that the course is in high demand. 

The next scheduled course in D.C. will be 6-8 March, 2024. If you are interested, please sign up using the link: https://tinyurl.com/CASI-PLA-Fundamentals  or https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVx8aV8U-RFVJfdbTLg54frbXeUAcdtXylF5E3DieMiUAfYQ/viewform

If you are interested in hosting a mobile training team version of the three day course, please let us know and we will find open space on the calendar to work with.

The course is free and open to all DoD and U.S. government employees, Allies, as well as civilian contractors working for the DoD.  There is no requirement for a security clearance. 


CASI Conference 2024:

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024, at National Defense University.

We will have panels on PLA Aerospace, PLA Advanced Information programs, Allies and Partners, and PRC Space issues.

Sign up for info and updates at: https://tinyurl.com/CASI-Conference-2024  or





DOD China Research Centers welcome CLSC (aka Classic)

There is plenty of work to be done to get the DOD, USG, and the USA, up to speed on things going on in China.  So we are more than happy to welcome the DOD’s newest China Research Center, the China Landpower Studies Center (CLSC, pronounced ‘classic’) at the Army War College, in Carlisle Barracks, PA.  Josh Arostegui is the inaugural Chair, and COL Rich Butler is the inaugural Director. 

CASI, the China Maritime Studies Institute (Newport, RI), NDU’s Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs (CSCMA), Marine Corps University’s Dan Rice, all held an inaugural China Research Centers Summit at Carlisle barracks in December to welcome CLSC.  We were also happy to formally welcome CAPT(Ret) Chris Sharman, into his new role as CMSI’s Director.  Be sure to keep up with all of the great work going on from these centers. , this article was highlighted by Defense One as one of the Top Stories of 2023


Recent Publications

  1. Survey of PRC Drone Swarm Inventions

How China Wins the Social Media Battlefield, this article was highlighted by Defense One as one of the Top Stories of 2023

  1. Enhancing the Battleverse: China's Digital Twin Strategy
  2. Is Military Space Based Jamming Normal
  3. PLA Counterspace Command and Control
  4. PLA Air Force Increases Flexibility of Combat Support Units


CASI is pleased to offer hard copies of CASI full reports for free.  Please see our website at: https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/CASI/CASI-Publications/ 
for the full list and for the order form.  Please note- most of the articles and short reports are available in PDF only.

CASI’s “In Their Own Words” – Translations of PRC materials

  1.  ITOW: Basic Issues of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era


CASI’s Media series

  1. SMA- Chinese Advances Combining Minds and Technologies for Military Success
  2. Space based jamming podcast
  3. Downlink Podcast- It’s been Quite A Banner Year For China Militarily, Commercially, Scientifically In Space


Support to the Warfighter

  1. Supported 333rd TRS
  2. Met with team from PACTASE
  3. Keynote speaker at AMC CC Leadership Rally
  4. Briefed DAF Legislative Fellows on China and GPC
  5. Briefed Defense Science Board
  6. Supported Global Engagement ’24 events
  7. Conducted professional development session for 19 AF/CC and key leadership



  1. Presented multiple lectures at USAFA over two days
  2. Hosted 3-day CASI PLA Fundamentals course at NDU
  3. Keynote speaker at Air Component Senior Leader Course
  4. Speaker at Senior Joint Information Officer Applications Course
  5. Participated in inaugural China Research Centers Summit
  6. Presented at Hypersonic Technology and Systems Conference
  7. Briefed Tuskegee air force detachment
  8. Briefed ISR 200 Professional Military Education course at Maxwell AFB
  9. Taught session on China as a Strategic Competitor to the Operations Law course at Maxwell AFB
  10. Conducted China briefing to graduating seniors in AFROTC Det 015 at Tuskegee University Alabama 
  11. Briefed Joint Task Force Staff Basic Course at Maxwell AFB
  12. Briefed DISA (J-3/5/7)


 Engagement and Outreach
     In addition to providing support to Air Force staff, CASI has had another busy quarter supporting the USAF and the DoD, as well as our allies, partners, and friends. CASI:

  1. Participated in the Freeman Institute Event- “The Future of Air and Space Power”
  2. Attended NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall 2023 with Ambassador Nicholas Burns
  3. Participated in the 9th Annual Olmsted Lecture with the Commandant of the Marine Corps
  4. Participated in DoD wargame with allies
  5. Briefed with OSD Red Team
  6. Met with Commander, UK RAF RCO
  7. Met with National Center for Disaster Preparedness
  8. Attended CSIS China Power conference
  9. Attended the Future of the Space Economy event
  10. Attended UK Embassy Battle of Britain event
  11. Participated in 2023 International Conference on PLA Modernization
  12. Attended CAPS-RAND-NDU-USIP conference in Taipei
  13. Participated in Taipei Security Dialogue
  14. Speaker at Global Military Satellite Conference
  15. Speaker at Air and Missile Defense Conference
  16. Attended Satellite Communications On the Move conference
  17. Met with UK DI SA-Asia
  18. Participated in Institute for National Defense and Security Research conference
  19. Met with UK Defense attaché to Beijing team
  20. Met with 5-Eyes Air Force attaché partners
  21. Attended Air and Space Power Association annual gala
  22. Met with Singapore Defense Attache
  23. Keynote Speaker at Montgomery Chamber of Commerce
  24. Attended NDU CIC Cyber Beacon


Keep in contact with us:
CASI website www.airuniversity.af.mil/CASI/
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/CASI_Research
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As always, please feel free to send this update, or our website/ contact information, to anyone you feel might be interested in CASI or our research. Let us know if you have any thoughts, requests for support, or ideas for future papers and proj