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CASI Quarterly Update #1 for 2024

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CASI Quarterly update #1 for 2024

Friends of CASI,
            Yet another busy quarter to start off the year.  The team at CASI continues to do great work, digging in to source material and providing top notch analysis, reporting, and support to senior leader and the force writ large.  I couldn’t be prouder of the whole team.



            As always, things are in flux with personnel.  We are excited to welcome Ms. Qi Xiaoke, who will be joining us in April.  We have two other positions that should be filled very shortly, we will announce them as soon as all of the AFPC paperwork is done.

            We are going to have an opening for our MSgt position, Senior Enlisted Leader for Research, here at our NDU location.  This position is currently being advertised, for reporting this summer (June/July timeframe).  Please contact MSgt Dan Salisbury if you are interested, or need any more information.


CASI’s Fundamentals of the PLA Course:

     We continue to have great interest in, and turn out for, our Fundamentals of the PLA Course.  This quarter we held a course at NDU, and we conducted Mobile Training Teams to PACAF, and NATO’s Allied Command Transformation. 

     If you are interested in attending a future course, please sign up using the link: https://tinyurl.com/CASI-PLA-Fundamentals

     If you are interested in hosting a mobile training team version of the three-day course, please let us know and we will find open space on the calendar to work with.

     The course is free and open to all DoD and U.S. government employees, Allies, as well as civilian contractors working for the DoD.  There is no requirement for a security clearance. 


CASI Conference 2024:  Tuesday, May 14th, 2024, at National Defense University.

We will have panels on PLA Aerospace, PLA Advanced Information programs, Allies and Partners, and PRC Space issues.

Sign up for info and updates at: https://tinyurl.com/CASI-Conference-2024


Recent Publications

  1. China-Russia Nuclear Industry Cooperation
  2. Organization of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)
  3. A Complex Systems Engineering Undertaking: The Qian Xuesen School of Systems Engineering
  4. Coercive Space Activities: The View From PRC Sources
  5. Chinese Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications
  6. Hacked in China
  7. PLA On Orbit Logistics

CASI is pleased to offer hard copies of CASI full reports for free.  Please see our website at: https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/CASI/CASI-Publications/ 
for the full list and for the order form.  Please note- most of the articles and short reports are available in PDF only.

CASI’s “In Their Own Words” – Translations of PRC materials

  1. ITOW: On Maritime Strategic Access


CASI’s Media series

  1. Intelligence Matters Podcast: Chinese Cognitive Warfare
  2. Air Power Podcast: The Dragon Flies


Support to the Warfighter

  1. Briefed UPT instructors, students, and support staff at Vance AFB
  2. Briefed leadership team TRANSCOM
  3. Supported the Innovation Research Task Force
  4. Briefed DISA / JFHQ-DODIN
  5. Guest speaker for ODNI Education and Instructional Technology Expert Group
  6. Briefed USAF Talent Management Cell
  7. Panelist for the USAF Expeditionary Center’s INDOPACOM Working Group
  8. Guest speaker at U.S. Army Special Operations Command Workshop
  9. Briefed USAF Eaker Center staff
  10. Briefed Joint Base Charleston leadership and personnel
  11. Guest speaker at AFMC CC Conference
  12. Featured speaker at New Jersey National Guard Annual Summit
  13. Briefed Columbus AFB personnel
  14. Briefed AETC JAG Training event at Maxwell AFB
  15. Briefed Joint Task Force Staff Basic Course at Maxwell AFB
  16. Briefed 366th Fighter Wing
  17. Met with Deputy Commander at PACAF
  18. Supported STRATCOM Title X wargame
  19. Supported USAF Title X wargame
  20. Met with 688 CW Wing Commander
  21. Supported INDOPACOM event analysis event
  22. Briefing to Delta 18



  1. Guest speaker at Defense Financial Management & Comptroller School
  2. Supported Wisconsin ANG Leadership Development Event
  3. Supported case study for Joint Flag Officer Warfighting Course
  4. Guest speaker at four NCO Academy courses
  5. Guest lecturer at State Department Foreign Service Institute
  6. Briefed Tyndall AFB Leadership Development Summit
  7. Briefed ISR 200 Professional Military Education course at Maxwell AFB
  8. Guest lecturer at ACSLC course
  9. Delivered Strategy Seminar at Air War College
  10. Guest speaker for Moody AFB professional development event
  11. Conducted PRC 101 Training with AFROTC Cadets at University of Alabama
  12. Featured speaker at Combined Forces Air Component Commander Course
  13. Guest speaker at the Kenney Airpower Strategy Seminar
  14. Meeting with Counter-small UAS team at SOCOM


 Engagement and Outreach
     In addition to providing support to the Department of the Air Force staff, CASI has had another busy quarter supporting the USAF and the DoD, as well as our allies, partners, and friends. CASI:

  1. Met with AU Innovation Research Task Force
  2. Engaged with U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission
  3. Supported AFA Air Warfare Symposium
  4. Participated in OSINT Summit, Japan
  5. Briefed Wisconsin AFROTC Cadets and Staff
  6. Visited Japanese Air Self Defense Force Command and Staff College
  7. Participated in China’s Law of the Sea seminar
  8. Met with the Head of Capability Strategy, and the Director Capability & Programmes, Royal Air Force
  9. Participated in nuclear issue TTX
  10. Met with the PRC DATT and Military Attache
  11. Met with JASDF Air and Space Studies Institute
  12. Met with Japan’s MOD Chief of Strategic Intelligence Analysis team
  13. Met with Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies
  14. Met with Chief of the Japanese Air Self Defense Force
  15. Met with U.S. embassy and Defense Attache Office Japan


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As always, please feel free to send this update, or our website/ contact information, to anyone you feel might be interested in CASI or our research. Let us know if you have any thoughts, requests for support, or ideas for future papers and projects.