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Digital Badging Overview

· Facilitates lifelong learning and career development through microcredentialing

· Provides immediate, portable, transparent recognition of achievements

· Motivates employees to engage in a variety of learning activities

· Promotes professional and personal development


CLDS Digital Badges

· Created and issued by CLDS, stored online for anytime use by the earner

· Insertable on social media, electronic resumés, websites, email signatures, etc.

· Provides earners an easy way to tout accomplishments to prospective employers, supervisors, and others

· Compatible as an integral part of an employee's Individual Development Plan (IDP)




This badge verifies completion of the three-course CLDS PMC curriculum:

Course 1: Introduction to Performance Management Coaching (IPMC)

Course 2: Performance Management Coaching for Supervisors and Leaders (PMCS)

Course 3: Performance Management Coaching for USAF Organizations (PMCO)

Course descriptions are located here:



Available to DAF GS-13 and above employees who are current supervisors or in the process of becoming supervisors or leaders in their organizations.

PMC course schedules and enrollment links are also on the CLDS website at

Students can self-enroll on the Air Force myLearning platform website:


Contact Us

For more information regarding PMC digital badging, please contact Dr. Edward Hodge, CLDS Director for Student Support at



What is a digital badge?

· Digital badges are virtual certifications of skills, knowledge, abilities, and triumphs earned in differing learning environments, which the granting institution validates


How can CLDS digital badges improve my hiring chances?

· Prospective hiring authorities can see your accomplishments at a glance and trust the authenticity of your achievements

· Marketable skills like coaching, team building, communication, problem solving are highly desired in today’s job market and earning badges shows your capability in these areas


How can I use CLDS digital badges?

· You can upload them on virtually any electronic media: resumés, social media, email signatures, websites, etc.

· You can add them to your individual development plan to keep track of your goal completion

· You can spur yourself to greater achievement through adding badges as you complete learning opportunities

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