Frequently Asked Questions

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 When are the classes?  

Please review the Course Schedule available through the "SCHEDULED CLASSES" link on the right side of this webpage.

 Can Space Force members attend PFMC?  

Yes - PFMC is for members of both the Air and Space Forces as both fall under the Department of the Air Force. Please see the "What is the target audience for PFMC?" FAQ below for additional target audience information.

 What is the target audience for PFMC?

PFMC is an intermediate level course designed to educate financial managers who already have several years of Department of the Air Force financial management experience and who have completed higher level education. Specifically, students should be Department of the Air Force GS-9 through GS-12s with at least four years of financial management experience (target less than 10 years) and 60+ higher education credit hours; or Department of the Air Force Financial Management Captains between 4-9 years of time in service (or officers accepted to the Financial Management Leadership Program); or Department of the Air Force Master Sergeants with no more than 15 years time in service who have an Associate’s Degree and are vectored by the FM Enlisted Development Team to attend PFMC.

 Are waivers available to allow lower grades/ranks to attend DFM&CS courses?    

Yes.  Commanders/Directors may nominate candidates who fall outside of the target grades, experience levels, and/or education requirements when candidates have demonstrated high levels of ability. These nominations must be approved by the MAJCOM FMs (or equivalent).

 Are there education-level or degree requirements?    

Yes. In order to qualify to attend PFMC, civilians must have at least 60 hours of college credit and enlisted members must have their CCAF (or other Associate’s Degree). Officers have no additional education requirements beyond a Bachelor’s Degree required for commissioning.

 Are there physical requirements?  

There are no physical fitness requirements for admission to PFMC. However, military members must meet their respective Service's weight and appearance standards.

 How do I receive a nomination to attend one of these classes?    

SAF/FME solicits nominations for PFMC from the MAJCOMs, COCOMs, and other appropriate organizations, who in turn solicit nominations from the field. Organizations should submit their nominees in accordance with the “call for nominees” instructions. SAF/FME then compiles a final class roster and notifies the nominating organizations of those final selections. While the Department of the Air Force centrally funds the majority of PFMC selectees, there are some selectees who are funded by their owning organizations. If selected to attend, your organization will let you know if your travel is centrally or unit funded.

 How do I know if I have been selected?    

Your nominating organization or unit training representative will contact you. You will also receive a welcome email from DFM&CS Course Support.

 What is the appropriate attire for the class?  

Civilian: Civilian personnel must wear appropriate business or business casual attire on class days (Monday – Friday). Blue jeans, collarless shirts (e.g., "t-shirts"), tennis shoes, sandals without heels (e.g., "flip-flops"), sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc., are not considered appropriate attire. Business or business casual for men includes a dress shirt (short or long sleeve/with or without tie) or polo shirt (appropriate for the professional work environment) and dress pants or khakis. Examples of business casual attire for women include blouses with short or long-sleeves (or sleeveless with business coat/sweater) and dress slacks/khakis or dress skirts.

Military: Military members must wear their Service utility uniform (ABUs, OCPs, etc.) on class days (Monday – Friday).

 What should I bring to class?  

Selected students should review their welcome package for complete details. However, optional items include bowling ball/shoes, covered drink container, and a personal computing device.

 What type of computing device do I need?  

Although we have laptops available for issue to those who need them, we highly encourage you to bring your own device (i.e., laptop) with word-processing and presentation/brief building capability (preferably MS Office products for format compatibility). You'll likely find wireless access, connectivity speed, etc., to be better with your own device. If you bring a work computer, check at your home station to ensure you are allowed to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi as wireless connectivity is required to access course material and complete exams. Our student-issued laptops cannot be loaded with any commercial software, but can connect to the commercial Internet in the School facility, billeting, hotel, or other Wi-Fi locations. Wireless internet access for your personal devices is also available in these same locations.

 Is there Wi-Fi (Wireless) internet connection available on base?  

In addition to the School facility, there are multiple locations (including lodging and the AU Library) that provide commercial wireless service. Additionally, those who bring a Wi-Fi enabled work computer should also have access to the Department of the Air Force wireless network while in the School facility.

 Who makes my lodging reservation?    

Do not make lodging reservations in DTS. However, do include the default lodging cost in your per diem allocation. The Defense Financial Management & Comptroller School will work with Air University and the 42d Force Support Squadron (FSS) to make your lodging reservation. Students will be assigned to on/off base lodging based on on-base lodging availability in accordance with AFMAN 34-135. If lodged off-base, non-availability statements will be provided by the 42d FSS to the DFM&CS staff and will then be issued to students.

 Do you have maps of the base?  

A base map will be accessible on the Air University Learning Management System, Canvas, after students receive their welcome letter from the Defense Financial Management & Comptroller School.

 Will I receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit for PFMC?    

Yes. We will provide you a CPE letter once you complete the course requirements. The Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE sponsors through its website: www.learningmarket.org. Where applicable, PFMC credit may be used toward the DoD FM Certification Program as part of the initial certification process or for Continuing Education requirements when students have already earned their certification.

 What if I misplace my graduation certificate?  

If you misplace your graduation certificate, the way to obtain official class attendance verification is requesting a school transcript from the Air University (AU) Registrar's Office. To do so, students are required to create an AUServiceDesk account. To access the Service Desk, select the "Academics" drop down option at the top of this page, then select "Registrar," and then select "Transcript Requests" on the right-hand side of the screen. You will then be redirected to the AUServiceDesk homepage where you must click "Accept" on the Warning Statement. From there, you should be able to create your user account.

If required, please reference course MLMDC 505 (PFMC) in the appropriate section. (NOTE: While PFMC replaced FMSOC, historical FMSOC transcript data DID NOT transfer to DFM&CS or Air University. Therefore, if you attended FMSOC prior to FY16 and need a copy of your FMSOC transcript you must contact the appropriate office at Keesler AFB.)

 What if I have another question not covered by this FAQ?    

Please contact us at DSN 493-6656, commercial 334-953-6656, e-mail Eaker.DFMCS@us.af.mil, or the “CONTACT US” link on the right side of this web page.