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A - Unfortunately, our School does not keep class certificates on file. The only way to obtain official class attendance verification is requesting a school transcript. You must complete and submit an AU Transcript Request Form at AU Education Support. Click the following link and follow the instructions:  Air University Transcript Request.

If required, please reference course MLMDC 503 (DFMC), MLMDC 504 (DDSC), or MLMDC 505 (PFMC) in the appropriate section. (NOTE: While PFMC replaced FMSOC, historical FMSOC transcript data DID NOT transfer to DFM&CS or Air University. Therefore, if you attended FMSOC prior to FY16 and need a copy of your FMSOC transcript you must contact the appropriate office at Keesler AFB.)

Please review the available Course Schedule listed on this webpage.

Selected students should review their welcome package for complete details. However, optional items include bowling ball/shoes, covered drink container, and a personal computing device.

Although we have laptops available for issue to those who need them, we highly encourage you to bring your own device (i.e. laptop) with word-processing and presentation/brief building capability (preferably MS Office products for format compatibility). You'll likely find wireless access, connectivity speed, etc. to be better with your own device. The student-issued laptops currently use either a DoD off-network machine with MS Office and Wi-Fi, or a limited operating system (Lightweight Portable Security) with very basic word-processing and presentation software functionality. If you bring a work computer, check with personnel at your home station that you are allowed to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Our student-issued laptops cannot be loaded with any commercial software, but can connect to the Internet in billeting, the hotel, or other Wi-Fi locations. Wireless internet access for your personal devices is available at several locations across the base, such as select lodging facilities and the library. This is a free commercial service, open for commercial email and other personal uses.

The Defense Financial Management & Comptroller School will make your lodging reservation.

There are multiple locations including lodging and the AU Library. This is non-government, commercial "public" wireless service and may only be used with your personal laptop.

A base map will be accessible on Blackboard after students receive their welcome letter from the Defense Financial Management & Comptroller School.

There are no physical requirements for admission to DFMC, DDSC, or PFMC. However, military members must meet their respective Service's weight and appearance standards.

Yes.  Each Service and/or Agency has its own education and experience requirements. In general, each requires a bachelor's degree as a minimum and several years of experience in resource or financial management. In addition, the Defense Financial Management & Comptroller School is a graduate-level course and students should be prepared and able to participate/think/write at the graduate level.

Civilian: Civilian personnel must wear appropriate business attire on class days (Monday – Friday). Blue jeans, collarless shirts (e.g. "t-shirts"), tennis shoes, sandals without heels (e.g. "flip-flops"), sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc., are not considered appropriate attire. Men are highly encouraged to wear a dress shirt with tie.

Military: Military members must wear their Service utility uniform (ABUs, ACUs or NWUs) on class days (Monday – Friday), and must meet their respective Service's weight and appearance standards.

Yes!  Each Service/Agency has its own process; however, high-performing candidates at the lower grades/ranks may compete favorably for a slot in either DDSC, DFMC, or PFMC. (Note - Air Force E-9s are no longer eligible to attend DFMC.)

Your respective Service/Agency representative will contact you via email.

Yes.  We will provide you a CPE Letter once you complete the course requirements. Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE sponsors through its website: www.learningmarket.org. (Note – as a new DFM&CS course offering, PFMC is not yet accredited by the above organizations. However, DFM&CS fully intends to seek PFMC accreditation at the earliest opportunity.)

Air Force

-- DFMC: SAF/FME solicits nominations for DFMC from the MAJCOMs who in turn, solicit nominations from the field. Nomination packages should be submitted to MAJCOMs and SAF/FME in accordance with the instructions in the call for nominees. SAF/FME then conducts a central selection board based on MAJCOM-provided nominees and sends selection notification letters to the MAJCOMs after the board meets. Selectees are centrally funded by the Air Force.

-- DDSC: MAJCOMs forward a prioritized list of nominees for consideration. If there are more nominees than available seats, the DFM&CS Course Director selects and notifies students based on the MAJCOM priorities.

-- PFMC: SAF/FME solicits nominations for PFMC from the MAJCOMs, who in turn solicit nominations from the field. Organizations should submit nomination packages to MAJCOMs and SAF/FME in accordance with the “call for nominees” instructions. SAF/FME then conducts a central selection board based on MAJCOM-provided nominees and sends selection notification letters to the MAJCOMs once the board process is complete. While the Air Force centrally funds the majority of PFMC selectees, there are some selectees who are funded by their owning organizations. If selected to attend, your organization will let you know if your travel is centrally or unit funded.

Army: Nominations are made through the Army Comptroller Proponency. You can find more information on Army selections at the following link: Army Financial Management

Navy and Marine Corps: Nominations are submitted through the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller) Special Assistant for Human Capital (FMH). Travel and per diem expenses for DFMC and DDSC students not in a PCS status are Unit funded. Point of contact is FMH at fm_development_courses@navy.mil.

DFAS: Nominations are solicited through the DFAS Chiefs of Staff. Travel and per diem expenses are centrally funded by DFAS. POC is the Learning and Development Division at 317-212-2408 or DSN 699-2408.

DoD Agencies: DoD Agencies make selections based on a "best qualified" basis. If interested in attending either DFMC or DDSC, be sure to coordinate with your Agencies' training officials. They should be able to assist you in getting the needed information for you to apply to attend the course.

Please contact us using the phone number or email form on the Contact Us link on the top navigation menu.

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