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Air and Space Power Journal Africa & Francophonie Archived Editions

Even before the founding of the US Air Force, AU initiated the Air University Quarterly Review in 1947 as a professional publication in the highest sense of the word—one that would reflect the best professional thought concerning global concepts and doctrines of air strategy and tactics. Since its inauguration, the journal has also appeared under the titles Air University Review, Airpower Journal, Aerospace Power Journal, and, currently, the Air & Space Power Journal (ASPJ).

EMEAA is the continuation of that tradition. ASPJ in French (ASPJ–F) was launched in 2005, targeting an audience of 29 countries with French as the official language. Four years later, in 2009, ASPJ–F became the Air & Space Power Journal-­Africa and Francophonie (ASPJ-­A&F).