Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs Articles

  • The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Freezes Moscow’s Arctic Ambitions

    This article explores how the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine has upended and reshaped Arctic security, institutions, and partnerships. With Arctic governance institutions that include Russia, such as the Arctic Council, on pause and scientific collaboration with Russia interrupted, the military

  • Why China Is Not a Peer Competitor in the Arctic

    The People’s Republic of China (PRC) asserts that it is a “near-Arctic state” and an “important stakeholder in Arctic affairs” with the right to a greater role in Arctic governance. China’s interests in and future designs for the region have become a staple of the

  • The US–China Trade War: Vietnam Emerges as the Greatest Winner

    This article aims to examine the trade diversion effects of the US–China trade war on selected third-party economies from 2018 to 2019, during which tariff escalation between the United States and China was the most prominent. Using US import data of selected product groups from 2016 to 2020

  • Money and Minds: Is China Dominating ASEAN Social Media and eCommerce?

    Social media, digital marketing, and e-commerce are a part of citizens’ daily lives across the globe. As of 2021, nearly two-thirds of the world’s population are active Internet users, and more than half are active social media users. With more than $3.8 trillion spent in the online

  • The China Factor in France’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

    This article assesses the rationale and fundamental tenets of France’s Indo-Pacific strategy in context of its complex and transforming relationship with China. Tracing the evolution of Sino-French relations, it demonstrates how Paris has found engaging with Beijing to be a perilous exercise

  • Should the Quad Become a Formal Alliance?

    According to one of the most prominent theories, neorealism, state behavior is driven primarily by the distribution of material capabilities in the international system and changes in that distribution are a source of anxiety: “Rising states pose a challenge to others and inspire them, almost

  • The Growing Importance of Vietnam to India’s South China Sea Policy

    India has proactively engaged in the South China Sea (SCS), notably via boosting its naval presence and forging ties with Vietnam despite China’s aggression. This article analyzes relevant incentives for India’s engagement in the SCS, then examines the maturation of India-Vietnam


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