Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs Articles

  • Preventing War in the South China Sea

    Aggressive Chinese endeavors in the South China Sea (SCS) will develop into hostiles between the United States, China, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries if Washington, Beijing, and ASEAN do not take steps to quell rising tensions. Sea routes through the SCS carried

  • Money and Minds: Is China Dominating ASEAN Social Media and eCommerce?

    Social media, digital marketing, and e-commerce are a part of citizens’ daily lives across the globe. As of 2021, nearly two-thirds of the world’s population are active Internet users, and more than half are active social media users. With more than $3.8 trillion spent in the online

  • The Growing Importance of Vietnam to India’s South China Sea Policy

    India has proactively engaged in the South China Sea (SCS), notably via boosting its naval presence and forging ties with Vietnam despite China’s aggression. This article analyzes relevant incentives for India’s engagement in the SCS, then examines the maturation of India-Vietnam

  • International Headwinds for Human Rights in Southeast Asia

    n many Indo-Pacific countries, hu-man rights and democracy are in recession. This is particularly true in Southeast Asia, which lies at the core of the Indo-Pacific area, both geographically and in terms of its strategic significance.

  • A Better Approach to Promoting Human Rights in Vietnam and Southeast Asia

    Instead of security, prosperity, and human rights, the United States could emphasize shared goals such as trade and investment, regional stability, and human development. This will help the United States build closer ties with Southeast Asian countries with a view to countering Chinese

  • Women on the Front Lines in Myanmar’s Fight for Democracy

    As the battle for democracy in Myanmar rages on at the doorstep of China, Myanmar’s women will continue to stand on the front lines to prevent the triumph of authoritarianism. It is a tall order for them to reach a tipping point against the heavily armed military—which enjoys the support

  • The Myanmar Coup as an ASEAN Inflection Point

    ASEAN leaders would be wise to work creatively around the principle of noninterference to prevent figures such as Min Aung Hlaing from further installing themselves in the organization’s halls of power. They need to do so not on behalf of the often-absent forces of good that claim to bend the

  • Myanmar’s Military Coup: Security Trouble in Southeast Asia

    This article highlights the tyranny of the military junta and the backsliding of democracy in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), contending that Russia and China's unwavering support of Myanmar's military makes it difficult to restore the democratic process and reestablish peace and


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