Air University commander releases Strategic Action Plan

  • Published
  • By Phil Berube
  • Air University Public Affairs

Air University Commander and President Lt. Gen. Andrea Tullos released the university’s new Strategic Action Plan and associated lines of efforts for 2023 during a live virtual town hall session Jan. 31, 2023.

Joining Tullos for the session was the Air University command chief, Chief Master Sgt. Stefan Blazier.

The command team outlined the university’s four key LOEs: Develop 21st Century Warfighters, Enhance Force Development Delivery, Modernize the Learning Environment and Elevate the AU Experience.

  • Develop 21st Century Warfighters: Weaponize Airmen by developing the force with competencies the nation needs to defeat strategic competitors
  • Enhance Force Development Delivery: Optimize Air University structures, policies and processes designed to access, train, educate and develop air-minded leaders
  • Modernize the Learning Environment: Update, explore and advance the physical and technological structures and systems needed to maximize the effectiveness of the learning environment, wherever that learning is taking place
  • Elevate the AU Experience: Foster a culture and climate that reinforces our core values and enables our work force and their families to thrive personally and professionally

Since taking command of Air University in July 2022, the general said she’s been immersing herself in the university’s education mission and is “pleased with the path Air University is on.”

The revised focus areas, she said, aligns the university with the new National Defense Strategy and National Military Strategy and with the mission priorities at the Air Force and Air Education and Training Command levels.

“The work is not done, however,” said Tullos. “We don’t want this to just sit on a shelf and be forgotten. This is just the first step as we continuously re-evaluate ourselves as a university and improve what we deliver to the warfighter and nation.”