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  • Three Broken Teacups: The Crisis of U.S.-UAE relations

    The United States’ strategic pivot to great power competition in Asia and Europe has led to declining U.S. attention in the Middle East. As a result, America’s reduced presence in the region and under-investment in maintaining key partnerships have plunged multiple relationships into crisis. This is

  • Wild Blue Yonder on the Air - Ep. 17 - Dr. Sheila Young on Climate Change

    Opinions, conclusions, and recommendations expressed or implied within are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the Air University, the United States Air Force, the Department of Defense, or any other US government agency.Dr. Margaret Sankey: Welcome to Wild

  • Environmental Scanning: A Strategists Competency

    “Clearly, the first task is to gain acceptance of a more reasonable view of the future, one that opens possibilities rather than forecloses them.”—Herman Kahn, Futurist, Founder of the Hudson Institute IntroductionThankfully, no country has detonated an atomic or thermonuclear weapon since World War

  • Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Trusted National Security Supply Chains

    U.S. economic prosperity and national security is at risk due to a dependency on the resiliency, diversity, and security of global supply chains. The U.S. government established Executive Orders, Acts of Congress, and Federal Task Forces that champion the dire need for supply chain reform to protect

  • The Impact of Language Ideology on Military Interoperability

    Introduction Figure 1 From AFCLC Culture Guide             Language plays a role in almost every human interaction. Because it is so commonplace, we rarely think deliberately about how we use it. This “Iceberg Analogy of Culture” image has become a common way to explain culture in a broad

  • Response to The New York Times’ “Civilian Casualty Files"

    On December 19th, the New York Times published the first article in a multi-part investigative series called “The Civilian Casualty Files” that “examines the air war’s human toll.”1 The primary author, Azmat Khan, has conducted on-the-ground interviews over the past five years in Iraq, Syria, and

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