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The eligibility criteria for PDE/SOS DL are found in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2656, Developmental Education.

  • Air Force Active Duty - The intent is for all active duty to attend SOS in-residence and the PDE/SOS DL program to serve as an alternative if an officer is unable to attend the in-residence program. Therefore the following restrictions apply for active duty officers:
    • Line-of-the-Air Force (LAF) captains are prohibited from enrolling in the PDE/SOS DL course until seven years TAFCS.
    • LAF-J, HC, and NC officers are prohibited from enrolling in PDE/SOS DL until three years’ time-in-grade as a captain.
    • MSC and BSC officers are prohibited from enrolling in PDE/SOS DL until two years’ time-in-grade as a captain.
    • MC and DC officers may enroll in PDE/SOS DL on or after their date of rank to captain.

  • Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve - Upon selection to captain, all Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve officers are eligible to enroll in PDE/SOS DL.

  • Civilians - DoD civilian employees in the grades of GS-9 to GS-12, DCIPS PB2, and NAF 3/4 and above who possess regionally-accredited baccalaureate degrees may enroll in PDE/SOS DL.

  • Sister-services - Sister Service Officers in the grade of O-3 may enroll.  However, as per army regulations, Army Officers will not enroll in other than Army schools without written approval of the DCS, G-3/5/7 (Director of Training). AR 350-1, 10 DEC 2017.

Note: - Officers who complete the resident SOS program are prohibited from enrolling or reenrolling in the PDE/SOS DL course.



  • If you meet the program eligibility, you must create an AUSIS account before enrolling. A CAC card is required to create the account 
  • Go to AF Portal and login. Under QUICK LINKS, scroll down to EDUCATION/TRAINING/FORCE DEVELOPMENT
  • Click on Air University Portal, go to the silver bar that reads "Click here to login or create a new account,"
  • Click on "Create Account."
  • Go down to the menu bar on the left side of the AU Portal page and hover over "Distance Learning," then hover over "SOS DL" and select "AUSIS."
  • From the AUSIS page, click on "Create Account."

If you do not have a CAC card or are not able to create an account for any other reason, please submit a help ticket by clicking here.

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