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Chinese Views of All-Domain Operations

  • Published
  • By Derek Solen
  • China Aerospace Studies Institute

Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO), the joint operational concept that has evolved from Multi-Domain Battle (MDB) and then Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), is intended to cope with the military capabilities of Russia and China. Therefore, how Russia’s and China’s defense establishments perceive JADO is important for two reasons. First, their appraisals of the concept’s feasibility will be major factors in their decisions whether to try to counter it or not. Second, whether they accurately understand the concept or not will determine whether their efforts to counter the concept are appropriate or not. Moreover, it is important to know if the Russian and Chinese armed forces themselves are making efforts to achieve greater cross-domain synergy because their successes in such efforts could offset some of the advantages that the U.S. armed forces should gain by implementing JADO. Hence, this paper will analyze the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) appraisals of JADO as the concept evolved, and it will also analyze the PLA’s own nascent concept of all-domain operations.