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CASI Conference-2020 PRC Space Activities

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Welcome to the 2020 CASI Conference Page  
You can register and get Virtual Tickets (which we will use to distribute the ZoomGov link) and information at: 

Below is the schedule as well as links to the papers and presentations submitted by the panelists.  We are making these available a week ahead of time so that you can view them at your leisure.  This will also allow for more free flowing discussion the day of the conference and more Q&A.  You can click on the participants' names for their bios and click on the PAPERS and PRESENTATIONS to read them ahead of time. 

Panel 1 08:00 D.C. (EDT)/ 13:00 London/ 17:30 Delhi  International Panel                              Panel 1 Video
U.K.-        Alexandra Stickings (RUSI)
India-       Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan (ORF)                    Dr. Rajagopalan PAPER          Dr. Rajagopalan PRESENTATION 
Australia- Prof Malcom Davis (ASPI) (pre recorded only)         Malcom Davis    PAPER          Malcom Davis  fireside chat recording 
Japan-     Prof Iida Masafumi (NIDS) (pre recorded only)         Prof Iida     Presentation          Prof Iida Masafumi fireside chat recording 

Keynote Address 09:00 EDT                                                                                                     Keynote Audio
The Honorable Newt Gingrich, 50th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives 

Panel 2 10:30 EDT   “Commercial” panel                                                                                   Panel 2 Video
Peter Wood (BluePath Labs)                                                      Peter Wood PAPER                Peter Wood PRESENTATION
Steve Nixon (SmallSat Alliance) (in person discussion only)  
Erika Solem (EY)                                                                        Erika Solem PAPER                Erika Solem PRESENTATION        

Panel 3 14:00 EDT    Government/ Military panel                                                                      Panel 3 Video
Moderated by Dr. Brian Weeden (SWF)
Kevin Pollpeter (CNA)                                                                China Space Narrative PAPER
Brian Waidelich (CNA)                                                                                                               China Space Narrative PRESENTATION
Dean Cheng (Heritage) (recorded only)                                     Dean Cheng PAPER              Dean Cheng Fireside Chat