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ITOW: The Clean Network

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This is a report from Fudan University from Sept of 2020.  Please click here for the full report  The first part of the report is in Mandarin, the English version starts on page 46.

In June 2020, the United States State Department unveiled its Clean Network program, which consists of a series of comprehensive measures, including the establishment of a clean network list, to protect the US's sensitive corporate information and individual privacy from so-called malicious actors including China. On August 5, 2020, the Clean Network program was expanded with five new lines of effort based on the 5G Clean Path initiative to protect the US's critical telecommunications and technology infrastructure. The Clean Network program was designed to cover the entire telecommunications supply chain and ecosystem. It represents a sophisticated strategy from the United States, based on long-term research and in-depth analysis of its target, which they intend to use to crack down on China's Internet industry. The program can be viewed as a toolkit for achieving digital hegemony. 

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