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.....Don't Think Like a Westerner

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This article is the second in a series of essays, workshops, and events seeking to better understand the nature of deterrence, particularly from the viewpoint of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) People’s Liberation Army (PLA).  This series is a joint project between the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) and the U.S. China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI).  Over the coming months, ASPI and CASI, along with our research associates, will exam the concept of deterrence, how both democratic countries and the PRC approach deterrence, what liberal democracies are doing to deter China, what China is doing to deter them, try to assess the impacts of those efforts, and will culminate in an in-person conference which will try to put forward policy options for Australia, the United States, and our allies and partners.  These publications will draw heavily from original PRC and PLA documents, as well as interviews and personal experiences, to help understand the framework that the PRC uses when it thinks about, what we call here ‘deterrence’.

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