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Concerning the Possibility that the Chinese TB-001 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was Involved in Ballistic Missile Impacts

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The following is a translation of an article by Lieutenant Colonel Aita Moriki of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, an article that was published by Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies (http://www.nids.mod.go.jp/publication/commentary/pdf/commentary239.pdf). This translation is being provided in order to augment a report by the China Aerospace Studies Institute’s Eli Tirk, “Sichuan Tengden Technology: Privately Owned, State Sponsored” (https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/CASI/Display/Article/3209923/sichuan-tengden-technology-privately-owned-state-sponsored/).

The fact that researchers in both countries were simultaneously analyzing different aspects of the same phenomenon was discovered in the course of our regular exchanges with our friends in the Japanese Self-Defense Force. We look forward to continuing to make their work available to an English-speaking audience. As always, any mistakes in the translation are my own.

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