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In Their Own Words: China's Aerospace Security Strategic Concept

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  • China Aerospace Studies Institute

According to the idea of defining concepts, analyzing the situation, determining goals and achieving goals, this book involves the basic issues involved in China's aerospace security strategy, including the core concepts of the national aerospace security strategy, the strategic situation facing China's aerospace security, the strategic goals and tasks of China's aerospace security, China's strategic guidelines and principles for aerospace security, China's strategic capabilities for aerospace security, China's strategic means of aerospace security, China's strategic model of aerospace security, China's strategic system of aerospace security, and China's strategic actions for aerospace security. Systematic and in-depth research was carried out. This book believes that the dream of a strong country leads the dream of a strong army, the dream of a strong army promotes the dream of a strong country, and the dream of a strong country and a strong army is supported by air and space security, and China's aerospace security strategy must be guided by the dream of a strong country and a strong army, actively advocate the national security concept of common security, comprehensive security, cooperative security and sustainable security, adhere to the strategic path of peaceful development as the mainstay, strength accumulation as the basis, and military confrontation as the preparation, take positive and appropriate strategic goals as the traction, take scientific and correct strategic guidelines as the criterion, and be based on sufficiently strong strategic capabilities. Relying on the strategic means of combining software and hardware, taking the strategic model of both rigidity and flexibility as the starting point, taking the strategic system supporting the system as the support, and taking the broad spectrum of suitable strategic actions as the guarantee, we will respond to the national demands of the information society and the synchronous arrival of the space age, safeguard and protect the practical needs of the continuous expansion of national interests, and support the bright future of China's security and development.

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