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  • Enhancing the Battleverse: China's Digital Twin Strategy

    Josh Baughman provides a talk titled "Enhancing the Battleverse: China's Digital Twin Strategy" at #HammerCon 2023 (the second annual national convention of the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA)). Read the paper he published on the topic:

  • ITOW: Ethical Norms for New Generation Artificial Intelligence

    The team at teh Center for Security and Emerging Technology at Georgetown is doing great work.  They have translated this document, which is relevant to CASI and our friends.  Please see their translation below.The following document, issued by a state AI governance committee, lays out ethical norms

  • The U.S., China, and Artificial Intelligence Competition Factors

         As technology continues to progress rapidly, so does its impact on modern warfare. As the world moves deeper into the era of great power competition, this becomes an even more important area to watch. The United States and China are both pursuing high technology very rapidly and with

  • China and Artificial Intelligence

    CASI hosted an expert panel looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) in China.  You can watch the 90 minute webinar at: Tinyurl.com/CASI-Webinar-AI

  • In Their Own Words: Stanford-New America DigiChina Project

    Not a CASI product, but of great use to the China research community, the Stanford-New America DigiChina Project is a collaborative effort to understand China’s digital policy developments, primarily through translating and analyzing Chinese-language sources. Focuses include data governance,