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  • CASI Webinar: PRC Hypersonics Research Landscape

    As part of CASI's quarterly webinar series, we explored the hypersonics research landscape in China. This webinar was held in March of 2023 and is based on the recent publication by CASI and BPL. The views and opinions expressed in this webinar are the personal views of the participants, and do not

  • An Exploratory Analysis of the Chinese Hypersonics Research Landscape

    According to reports, China conducted tests of hypersonic glide vehicles in July and August 2021, which Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley described as “concerning.”1 China’s hypersonic weapons program has drawn significant global attention and research interests in recent years.

  • A Case Study Of The PRC's Hypersonic Systems Development

         Great Power Competition necessitates understanding with whom one is competing. It also requires understanding the breadth and depth that competition and how your competitor is progressing. Hypersonic systems are an emerging area of military technology with potentially transformative effects.