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Competition With China: PLA Overall Organization and Personnel

This is the second in CASI's "Competition With China" video series.  This new video series helps Airmen better understand the strategic competition with China broadly, and takes a deep look at many of the military and security aspects of that competition. 

CASI uses source documents to research and report on China’s aerospace forces and the civilian and commercial infrastructure that supports them. By studying “everything that flies” in China CASI is able to provide U.S. leaders and policymakers a better understanding of our strategic competitor. 

Many Chinese read and speak English, but very few in the DoD read and speak Mandarin.  Through our research, reports, and this video series, CASI enables leaders at all levels to gain a better understanding of Chinese aerospace strategy, doctrine, operating concepts, capabilities, personnel, training, and organization. Our goal is to get the best information to the most people so they can make the best decisions.

This first video covers the Overall Organization and Personnel of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).  We hope you enjoy this series and find it informative.  As always we welcome feedback and ideas for further videos.