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Sino-Russian Defense Cooperation’s Impact on Chinese Aerospace RD&A

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  • China Aerospace Studies Institute

We should not forget that in the “Era of Great Power Competition,” the United States has two peer “Strategic Competitors” and several others with whom we compete. When our two largest competitors, namely the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation, cooperate toward their common strategic goals, the United States, our allies, and partners, should pay close attention.

Although there is no great deep-seated trust between them, when their interests align, China and Russia are more than happy to cooperate, particularly when it means presenting a greater challenge to the U.S. and our allies and partners. China and Russia are prioritizing joint technological cooperation in their respective aerospace
sectors, and they see bilateral technical cooperation as a path to accelerate progress, overcome technological limitations, and find workarounds for Western sanctions on exporting defense and dual-use technologies.

This study examines the nature of Sino-Russian technical cooperation in defense and dual-use aerospace sectors, including arms sales, joint research, and development of weapons systems, technology transfers, and sharing of technical knowledge. In doing so, it identifies prominent organizations on both sides involved in technical cooperation, and it discusses the potential impacts of Sino-Russia cooperation for the United States.

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