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In Their Own Words: Lectures on the Science of Space Operations

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    The “In Their Own Words” series is dedicated to translations of Chinese documents in order to help non-Mandarin speaking audiences access and understand Chinese thinking. In the “In Their Own Words” series, CASI aims to provide Chinese texts that illustrate thoughtful, clearly articulated, authoritative foreign perspectives on approaches to warfare at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

     The Lectures on the Science of Space Operations (2012) is one of the featured “Military Academic Works of the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS).” This text presents a topic that is within the PLA Military Science Studies Plan. The text is a fundamental reference and teaching document written by AMS faculty, with help from the former General Staff Department, from all Services and Arms, and from key academies. This is a classical teaching material for the science of military affairs post-graduate education, and it is the first of its kind for the discipline building and comprehensive study of PLA space operations theory.

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