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An Assessment of People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force Survivability Training

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  • China Aerospace Studies Institute

In the PLARF’s most recent training exercises, the focus has been on surviving after an attack and still being able to launch successfully. Importance has been placed on enhancing a soldier’s ability to take on multiple roles, so that if one dies others can take over their duties. In each of the exercises there is a major confrontation in which the enemy conducts a surprise attack. Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the need for the entire People’s Liberation Army to increase and strengthen confrontational training. The idea is to train against both a strong and  intelligent adversary. By doing so the military can address weaknesses and shortcomings now before entering an actual conflict. The end goal is to achieve a PLARF capable of overcoming extreme adversity even if some or even all of the unit is destroyed. As the PLARF continues to train in this way, along with continuing to enhance its technical capabilities, it will grow stronger and pose a greater threat to the United States and its allies in the future.

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