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ITOW: Research on Port Landing Operations

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From "Research on Port Landing Operations":

In order to objectively analyze the mechanism of military confrontation between the landing and anti-landing sides and to explore the understanding of the regularity of landing port operations, we mainly start from the operational characteristics, operational laws, combat methods, operational command, operational coordination, and operational support in the general sense of port landing, and stand from the perspective of a third party It analyzes how the landing party should establish the necessary operational concepts, how to use the landing combat force, and how to design the port landing combat methods, etc., and through the in-depth excavation of landing methods, basic tactics, and main operational methods, and study this topic Experts, scholars and peers conduct academic exchanges, and the research results are used for reference in military training and college teaching.

As we all know, landing warfare as a traditional style of combat, he accompanied the emergence of human warfare, as early as the 5th century BC, in the Mediterranean coast of ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and other countries in the military conflicts between the landing operations appeared. Later, with the continuous change of landing combat delivery tools, the emergence of the Navy and air force led to the emergence of contract landing operations and joint landing operations Warfare has become an important form of combat in offensive operations. In landing operations, according to the terrain of different combat areas and the nature of the targets, they can be divided into landing operations on near-shore islands and landings on distant islands and reefs War, port landing battle, water network coast landing battle, urbanization coast landing battle, mountain coast landing battle, etc. The port landing operation is aimed at seizing the island port of the anti-landing side, under the unified command of the joint operations commander of the landing side and its command organs, with the elite forces of all services and arms as the mainstay, and with the cooperation of other relevant forces. A sea-crossing offensive operation against the anti-landing side defending the port.