**This program is a test design and currently not for mass participation.**

Agile Learning Pilot Program

 Air University and the Global College of PME are embarking on a groundbreaking experiment to transform how we engage in professional military education (PME), and we need your assistance. Our senior leaders have challenged us to explore better ways to develop officers considering your time, experience, and preparation for future conflicts. The problem, at least for those unable to attend in-residence, has been time.  Our challenge has been, how do we engage in a quality learning experience that (a) honors our high-tempo ops and (b) does not require us to sacrifice family time to complete? 

In 2024, we are experimenting with a design model geared towards our total force members using select bases as test cases. Our plan is to bring an in-person PME experience to you, at your base, to be completed during the duty day. Yes, during the duty day! We are calling this effort “Agile Learning”.



PDE / SOS Distance Learning Curriculum Flow


The eligibility criteria for the Global College of PME's IDE/ACSC Agile Learning program are:

  • Military: The program is offered to O-4 selects and O-4s. Applicants may be active-duty USAF/USSF, Air Force Reserves (AFRES), Air National Guard (ANG), Guard or Reserve, stationed at one of the pilot locations.
  • Civilians: Department of the Air Force civilian employees in the grade of GS-11 through GS-13 (or equivalent) with a bachelor’s degree and supervisor endorsement may also enroll.  Members must have a minimum of 2 years federal civil service.  
  • What is Agile Learning? 

Agile Learning is a pioneering concept designed as a base-level, in-person program.  We believe PME should meet you where you are and be meaningful to you and your context. Therefore, this concept will (a) align more closely with real-world mission needs, (b) maximize professional networking, and (c) empower you to apply your knowledge hands-on. 

  •  Why Should You Participate? 
    • To earn IDE (ACSC Distance Learning equivalent) credits during duty hours 
    • To build a meaningful connection between the learning material, your local mission, and your peers
    • To help influence our recommendation to USAF senior leaders on whether to pursue this concept.
  • What are the Key Details of the Pilot: 

The pilot consists of 6 events spread across a 12-week period.  However, this is NOT a full-time requirement whatsoever. Air University will provide on-site, certified instructors to facilitate the lesson events. You can choose to participate in the entire pilot or portions, regardless of your status in ACSC-DL.

There are several considerations / options for participants: 

  • The current ACSC-DL program consists of six course blocks, also known as “suites:” OrientationLeadershipStrategy and Security StudiesAirpowerJoint Planning, and Electives
  • The AL pilot will cover the OrientationLeadership and Joint Planning suites and include AL-specific Skills Training, Capstone, and a short presentation to your Sq/CC.
  • Officers that complete the entire AL pilot will also receive credit for the Elective Suite (3 course/45 credit hours) as appreciation for your time and feedback on the program.
  • Participation in OLMP does not count towards Agile Learning. Alignment between these two programs (OLPM and Agile Learning) is not feasible because the OLPM program confers a master's degree, whereas Agile Learning constitutes a certificate program devoid of accreditation.

Note: Both the Strategy and Security Studies and Airpower suites are not covered in this experiment.  You will complete both via DL at the time of your choosing to fulfill “IDE Complete” & “JPME I” requirements. 

Completing the pilot makes you 60% IDE complete in only 12 weeks (~58% faster than the average ACSC DL for equivalent progress).

Participating in this experiment is easy. Simply express your interest by responding to our solicitation email. You will only receive an email if you are IDE eligible and located at an Agile Learning pilot base.

Your commitment to excellence and helping us get this right is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to the team at agile.learning@au.af.edu.

Thank you for your service, and we look forward to your participation in the Agile Learning experiment! 

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