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  • Stout Pilots and Aircraft: Air Transport in the 1944 Burma–India Campaigns

    In regions where surface communications are limited or problematic, air transport becomes the essential lifeline. The experiences of the US Army Air Force (USAAF) and British Royal Air Force (RAF) air transporters in Southeast Asia in 1944 demonstrate how air transport can sustain and facilitate ground operations. The fliers’ diverse experiences offer three basic types of case studies: the Admin Box and the Imphal Airlift (sustainment for a surrounded force), the Chindits and reinforcements for Imphal and Kohima (strategic mobility), and North Burma (facilitating and sustaining tactical ground operations).
  • Review of Rory Medcalf's Indo-Pacific Empire

    Review of Rory Medcalf's Indo-Pacific Empire: China, America and the Contest for the World’s Pivotal Region, by LCDR Blake Herzinger, USNR
  • Japan Cancels Aegis Ashore: Reasons, Consequences, and International Implications

    In June 2020, the Japanese government canceled the planned construction of two Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense sites. This decision was unexpected for many in the security establishment. However, considering the circumstances and warning signs in previous months, the decision should not have been a surprise. In fact, Japan’s reversal on the Aegis Ashore sites may indicate a larger shift in defense priorities for the country and potentially signal a transitional trend with implications beyond Japan and the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Volume 03 Issue 3 - Fall 2020

    Volume 03 Issue 3 - Fall 2020

  • All Quiet on the Eastern Front?: Japan and Russia’s Territorial Dispute

    Through a two-level game analysis of Japan and Russia's territorial dispute, this article argues that while the elite circumstances have never been better to resolve this dispute, popular forces remain significantly divisive, such that the status quo over the Northern Territories will remain in place.
  • Untapped Potential between India and Japan in the Indo-Pacific: Pursuing International Military Education

    This article argues that there is a need for dialogue regarding the development of more profound international military education programs, particularly cadet-level trainings and exchanges, and also a need for the implementation of potential collaborative exchanges, programs/courses, scholarships, and conferences between Indian and Japanese cadets.
  • India, the Blue Dot Network, and the “Quad Plus” Calculus

    This article argues that India’s prospective inclusion in the Blue Dot Network is a geostrategic necessity that can pave the way for alternative global supply chain networks and quality infrastructure promotion in Asia and beyond as well as allow New Delhi to enhance its long-desired objective of forming a "continental connect" through a "Quad Plus" network.
  • Volume 03 Issue 2 - Summer 2020

    Volume 03 Issue 02 - Summer 2020

  • Demystifying the Indo-Pacific Theater

    The Indo-Pacific Theater by-and-large, is a mystery to many. The focus of our nation and our Department of Defense (DOD) has long been oriented toward Europe, and more recently the Middle East, so that few Americans understand and appreciate the significance of the Indo-Pacific.


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