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Red Tail Association

ACSC Booster Club 

The ACSC “Red Tail Association” is a student-run private organization aimed at promoting and facilitating networking, community service, and social activities for the morale and welfare of the student body.  Within the Booster Club there are three types of members. There is a Non-Voting Staff Member, Voting Members, and Student Body Members.


Booster Club Positions & Membership
Non-Voting Staff: Booster Club Chair, Vice Chairman of Operations, Vice Chairman of Support, Executive Officer, Treasure and Spouse Liaison officer. These members serve as the booster Club core members and are considered non-voting members
Voting Members The voting members of the Booster Club consist of the five six Squadron Staff positions (Chief of Academics Not included.) These functional positions represent the Student body Members.
Student Body The remaining student population makes up the rest of the Booster Club. 


Chairman: Manages Execution of the Club/Facilitates meetings & voting sessions

Vice Chairman: Manages Operations/Ensures Project Officers are empowered

Vice Chairman of Support: Manages administrative documents of the Club

Treasurer: Manages all funds collected by the Club

Executive Officer: Documents all meetings/manages communication plan

Spouse Liaison Officer: Connects student population to the ACSC spouses club