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LEAP Spotlight: Master Sgt. Patrick Singson

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“I’m a 3E1X1 (HVAC) by trade and currently serving as the Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force Manager at Kadena Air Base. So far, I’ve earned my bachelor’s degree in Operations Management and an Organizational Communication certification. 

“I was born and raised in the Philippines. Since serving in the military, I was fortunate to be stationed in the Pacific for more than 10 years, where I met and worked alongside people from the same country. Since then, I’ve always used the language personally and professionally. 

“As a young Airman, I heard about LEAP from my friends in the program. The exciting part about LEAP is the opportunities that come with it that many don’t realize exist. Besides, who does not like extra pay for something you’re great at and proud of?

“When I think about being part of LEAP, the phrase ‘feels like home’ is how I feel. LEAP emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion while recognizing the USAF’s strengths in how we dominate air and space power. The e-Mentor courses bring back so many memories when we discuss Filipino history, culture, and political events, just like back in my high school days.

“LEAP brought me closer to home and provided me with more leadership tools and skill sets. I instantly established a long-term personal and working relationship with our Philippine Armed Forces counterparts. Recently, I had the opportunity to utilize my language to be part of planning conferences for a historic bilateral exercise held annually in the Philippines. In addition, I get to witness how the program directly contributes to the overall Air Force mission in the pacific region.

“For other Airmen interested in LEAP, I encourage you never to give up and reach out for mentorship! It took me five tries to get accepted into the program. Network with other Airmen who utilize different languages to expand their perspectives and cultural awareness. Before putting in an application package, be proactive and use your language skills to contribute to the community, fellow service members, and the Air Force. This effort will show the board members that you are making a difference for the enterprise.

“Overall, I am grateful this program is in place. It brings many perspectives within all the tiers, from junior Airmen to senior leadership. Many may not be familiar with LEAP, but it is an advantage the USAF has for a more robust and diverse force!” 

-Tagalog LEAP Scholar Master Sgt. Patrick Singson

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