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Montgomery McFate, Ph.D.

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Dr. Montgomery McFate is a cultural anthropologist and professor in the Strategic and Operational Research Department at the US Naval War College. Formerly, she was the Senior Social Scientist for the US Army Human Terrain System. She has held positions at RAND Corporation, IDA and the US Navy Office of Naval Research. She served on the Army Science Board, the Defense Science Board, and was an instructor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Dr. McFate received a PhD in Anthropology from Yale University and a JD from Harvard. Her dissertation concerned counterinsurgency in North Ireland. She is the editor of Social Science Goes to War (Oxford U. Press, 2015), author of Military Anthropology (Oxford U. Press, 2017 forthcoming) and was a key contributor to US Army Field Manual 3-24, Counterinsurgency.

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