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Category: News
  • AUP's JIPA Adds New Collaboration to JIPA Website

    In collaboration with Dr. Peter Harris (Colorado State University), AUP’s JIPA has added a new section to its website. Click through to read more.
  • AUP Publications Featured in AMC's Squadron Commander's Course

    The Air Mobility Command is featuring AUP's publications in its upcoming Squadron Commander’s Course. Click to see which publications are featured.
  • Strategic Studies Quarterly New Books List

    Please enjoy the SSQ listing of new books related to national security and defense. These lists for selected topics contain new releases from multiple publishers over the preceding year.
  • AUP Bookstore

    Due to Maxwell's current HPCON level of Charlie, access to the Air University Press Bookstore is currently available by appointment only. Email AirUniversityPress@au.af.edu to make an appointment. For available hours, visit this link: fairchild-mil.libguides.com/about/hours.