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  • The Vital Era

    In the past century, few have done more to establish the Air Force and its logistics enterprise as we know it today than Maj Gen Hugh J. Knerr; fewer still are as unique. An early aviator, Knerr established the first airlift mission and led the procurement effort for the B-17 with Gen Frank Andrews before WWII. After which he led a campaign for the autonomous air force that put him at odds with the War Dept and the White House. During WWII, Knerr led logistics planning efforts to mobilize the Eighth Air Force in European Theater of Operations (ETO) and later amassed theaterwide authority of logistics, aligning the entire logistics effort of the Army Air Forces (AAF) in the ETO. Among many career accomplishments, Knerr ended his career as the USAF’s first Inspector General establishing the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) and is accredited with designing the USAF’s dress blue uniform. Little known fact, Knerr’s aviation interests began as a child at the mouth of the wellspring, building kites and scrubbing toilets for the Wright Brothers at their bicycle shop. His memoirs penned in the months preceding his death in 1971, now published, give a personal insight into this formative period of the Air Force and offer the perspective only one of its architects could tell. Further, his pursuit of innovation, disruption of barriers, and challenges to the status quo are exceptionally relevant to present day Air Force as it seeks to accelerate change
    [David A. Loska / 2021 / no. 208 / 978-1-58566-308-8 / AU Press Code: no. B-170]

  • No Moment of Victory: The NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan, 2009–2011

    No Moment of Victory examines NATO coalition efforts to build Afghan Army and police forces with the objective of transitioning the war to Afghan control. The NATO Training Mission–Afghanistan (NTM-A) grew from a handful of senior officers and enlisted personnel to over 6,000 coalition members training Afghans across the country. Yet there was also a deep historical underpinning to the command’s programs and processes. This book examines the influence of Cold War modernization theory on NTM-A from 2009 to 2011 and offers a cautionary account of the limits of Western military practices and culture in security force assistance.
    [Martin Loicano and Craig C. Felker / 2021 / 384 pages / ISBN 9781585663095 / AU Press Code: B-171]

  • There from the Beginning: Women in the US Air Force

    Since women were first allowed to officially join the US military in 1948, their integration into the traditionally masculine domain of war fighting has been both evolutionary and revolutionary. The Air Force has never known an existence without women in the ranks, which in turn has helped shape the perception, available opportunities, and utilization of female Airmen over the last 72 years. This definitive history draws from surviving extant records—scarce though they might be, in an institution not always given to chronicling the contributions of its female members—as well as interviews with the people who lived and made the history as it happened. What was it like being a woman in the Air Force throughout the decades? What challenges did these women face? How did they perceive their role in the force? What were their successes and where is there desire for change today? Perhaps most importantly, how can this historical context be used to help define and create the Air Force of the future?
    [Marissa N. Kester / 2021 / 231 pp / 978-1-58566-310-1 / B-172]

  • Good Outfit: The 803rd Engineer Battalion and the Defense of the Philippines, 1941–1942

    This book is the account of the 803rd Aviation Engineer Battalion and its deployment to the Philippines during WWII. It is a cautionary tale, detailing the failures of leadership at all levels which led to ineffective infrastructure development, and eventually, the destruction of the heavy bomber fleet and the attrition of troops due to disease and death from a lack of supplies and support.

    [Paul W. Ropp / 2021 / 559 pages / ISBN 9781585663033 / AU Press Code: B-166]

  • Defending Air Bases in an Age of Insurgency, volume III: Integrated Base Defense Principles for Commanders

    This third and final volume in the AU Press monograph series Defending Air Bases in an Age of Insurgency provides concise principles designed to assist Air Force and Space Force commanders in better understanding their role in base defense to better protect their people, resources, and war-fighting assets. Volume I of this book was Air University Press’s number one download in 2014; Volume II was released in 2019. Volume III distills lessons and recommendations from the preceding two volumes to provide commanders the most concise view of the issues and concepts at stake in fulfilling their base defense roles.

    This volume provides future wing, group, and squadron commanders and maturing Air Force and Space Force leaders some guiding principles through which they can better lead, protect, and secure their people, and air- and space power assets. Volume III outlines 10 base defense principles for commanders: (1) You Own It! (commander responsibilities for base defense); (2) Get Left of the Boom: Deter, Disrupt, Deceive; (3) Influence the Base Security Zone . . . or Someone Else Will; (4) Unity of Effort: Synchronize the Fight; (5) Everyone Must Have a Role in the Base Defense . . . and Play It!; (6) Intelligence Drives Maneuver: A Joint-Interagency Approach Is Critical; (7) Air-mindedness Includes Using Air Assets for Base Defense; (8) Law Enforcement Skills Are Critical to Base Defense and Irregular Warfare; (9) Manage the Risk: Commit Intellectual Capital to the Fight; and (10) Nowhere to Hide: Anticipate Future Threats and Develop Countermeasures. [Col Shannon W. Caudill, USAF, Retired / 2021 / 87 pp / ISBN 9781585662883 / B-169]

  • "An Honorable Place in American Air Power": Civil Air Patrol Coastal Patrol Operations, 1942–1943

    Author Frank Blazich has spent years researching and compiling disparate records of Civil Air Patrol's short-lived--but influential--coastal patrol operations of World War II, which he synthesizes into the first scholarly monograph that cements the legacy of this unique and vital wartime civil-military cooperative effort. [Dr. Frank Blazich / 2020 / 258 pages / ISBN: 9781585663057 / AU Press Code: B-168]

  • Behind the Light Switch: Toward a Theory of Air Mobility

    This study offers a theory of air mobility intended to assist practitioners and policy makers in analyzing the efficacy of air mobility operations. It begins by presenting a model of air mobility utility that incorporates the key airpower and logistical principles of velocity, capacity, attainability, and sustainability to graphically illustrate air mobility’s effects within a campaign. Additionally, the five critical factors of freedom of movement, command and control, integrated logistics, technology, and training are examined as essential elements that must be addressed to determine air mobility success. Next the theory’s model and factors are applied to eight historical case studies, ranging from combat operations of the Second World War to recent humanitarian disaster relief efforts, which typify the broad air mobility missions set. [Derek Salmi / 2020 / 204 pages / ISBN: 9781585662982 / AU Press Code: B-163]

  • Sharing the Journey: A Military Spouse Perspective

    A unit’s command team is the partnership among the commander, the senior noncommissioned officer (NCO), and a volunteer lead spouse. As the primary advisor, ambassador, and advocate for the spouses and families of members in the unit, finding the right person to undertake the critical role of volunteer lead spouse is one of the most important decisions a commander will make. Once a spouse in the unit decides to take on the role, it can be challenging and incredibly rewarding to navigate working with military leadership, state or local government, base programs and organizations, and other military spouses to take care of families. This book captures “words of wisdom” collected by Mrs. Dawn Goldfein, spouse of the 21st Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Gen David L. Goldfein over their 37-year career. For command teams that seek to understand and leverage the military “spouse network” of command, lead, key, and key spouse mentors within their unit or their installation, it offers a treasure trove of useful ideas and stories. [Dawn A. Goldfein, Dr. Paul J. Springer and Capt Katelynne R. Baier, USAF / 2020/ 70 pages / ISBN: 9781585663156 / AU Press Code: B-167]

  • The Secret Sauce for Organizational Success: Communications and Leadership on the Same Page

    Admiral Jurkowsky's distinguished military career culminated in service as the Navy's Chief of Information, and he worked on a variety of events, from the Tailhook Scandal to various incidents at the Naval Academy. His book highlights the importance of honesty, clear messaging, and a positive relationship with the press in order to effectively manage strategic communications. The goal of The Secret Sauce for Organizational Success is for both communication practitioners and their leaders to learn from the author’s experiences and motivate both, in tandem, so that they always do the “right thing.” [Tom Jurkowsky / 2020 / 162 pages / ISBN: 9781585663019 / AU Press Code: B-162]

  • The Harmon Memorial Lectures in Military History, 1988–2017

    The Harmon Lecture Series is the oldest and longest-running lecture series at the United States Air Force Academy. This second volume builds the collection initiated in volume I (featuring lectures from 1959 to 1987). Volume II showcases 29 lectures featuring authoritative scholarship and acumen on topics ranging from airpower and strategy to leadership and civic engagement. [Mark E. Grotelueschen, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Retired / 2020 / 656 pages / ISBN 9781585663026 / AU Press Code: B-165A]