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  • Aerospace Power: A Brazilian Multidimensional Approach

    This collection of studies delves into themes of Brazil’s airpower and space power: protecting territorial sovereignty in the Amazon, developing missile technology in partnership with South Africa, taking a place in global aerospace geopolitics, participating in UN peace operations, among many

  • The Icarus Solution: The Lure and Logic of Airmindness

    In 1990, the think tank RAND assessed the professionalism of United States Air Force officers at Air University. The study’s author, Carl Builder, concluded they lacked allegiance to air power theory and instead were enamored with the excitement of flight. He labeled this institutional crisis,

  • Strategy Matters: Essays in Honor of Colin S. Gray

    Strategy Matters is a collection of essays written in honor of Colin S. Gray by his students, spanning three decades and three continents. This volume examines a multitude of subjects and topics—all through the strategic lens of Gray and his students. It references Gray’s works in each

  • Between Two Shades of Blue

    Paul Glattan, a high school student in rural eastern North Carolina, has an unbridled passion for UNC and its fabled basketball team. When financial concerns dash his dreams of attending the university, he pursues an Air Force Academy appointment and is accepted as a member of the Class of 1977. As

  • The Vital Era

    In the past century, few have done more to establish the Air Force and its logistics enterprise as we know it today than Maj Gen Hugh J. Knerr; fewer still are as unique. An early aviator, Knerr established the first airlift mission and led the procurement effort for the B-17 with Gen Frank Andrews

  • No Moment of Victory: The NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan, 2009–2011

    No Moment of Victory examines NATO coalition efforts to build Afghan Army and police forces with the objective of transitioning the war to Afghan control. The NATO Training Mission–Afghanistan (NTM-A) grew from a handful of senior officers and enlisted personnel to over 6,000 coalition members

  • There from the Beginning: Women in the US Air Force

    Since women were first allowed to officially join the US military in 1948, their integration into the traditionally masculine domain of war fighting has been both evolutionary and revolutionary. The Air Force has never known an existence without women in the ranks, which in turn has helped shape the

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