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Air Force Research Institute Papers
Air Force Research Institute (AFRI) Papers are written by Air Force researchers at large and military defense analysts assigned to the Air Force Research Institute, Air University, and beyond. The purpose of the AFRI Papers is to provide useful ideas and independent analysis of issues of current or potential importance to Air Force commanders and their staffs.

CADRE Papers
CADRE Papers were sponsored by the former Airpower Research Institute of Air University's College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education (CADRE). The CADRE Papers are available in PDF only.

Chennault Papers
Air University Press established the “Chennault Papers” series in 2021 to provide a forum for historical topics related to the Department of the Air Force. Named in honor of Gen. Claire Chennault, this series seeks to balance the Air Force’s historic bias toward science and technology with historical perspectives on topics of contemporary interest.

CSAT Occasional Papers
The CSAT Occasional Papers series was established by the USAF Center for Strategy and Technology as a forum for research on topics that reflect long-term strategic thinking about technology and its implications for US national security.

Drew Papers
The Drew Papers are award-winning master’s theses selected for publication by the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS), Maxwell AFB, Alabama. This series of papers commemorates the distinguished career of Col Dennis “Denny” Drew, USAF, retired.

Eaker Papers
The Eaker Papers are dedicated to developing, assessing, and promoting Air Force warfighters’ capacity for effective action through functionally aligned, relevant, and responsive education, training, research, and advisement. 

Fairchild Papers
Fairchild Papers comprise an Air University Press series of substantive essays considered too short for publication as monographs but too lengthy to be a journal article. The series is named for Gen Muir S. Fairchild, the first commander of Air University and widely regarded as its conceptual father. 
JAG School Papers
The JAG School Papers showcase top submissions received for the annual writing competition hosted by the Air Force Judge Advocate General’s School in partnership with the Air Force JAG School Foundation Inc. The competition provides a forum for students, practitioners, academics, and policymakers to provide unique, original, previously unpublished perspectives and insights. 

Kenney Papers
Air University Press established the “Kenney Papers” series, as a forum for topics related to the Indo-Pacific region. Named for General George Churchill Kenney, Allied air commander in the Southwest Pacific during World War II and subsequently commander of Strategic Air Command and then Air University.

LeMay Papers
The LeMay Papers are dedicated to developing, assessing, and promoting Air Force doctrine and education and advocating airpower doctrine in joint and multinational arenas. These papers are published by the Air University Press and broadly distributed throughout the US  Air Force, the Department of Defense, and other governmental organizations, as well as to leading scholars, selected institutions of higher learning, public-policy institutes, and the media around the world. 

Maxwell Papers
The Maxwell Papers are the Air War College’s (AWC) selection of the best professional studies papers from its graduates. These works, meant to highlight topics of importance to senior leaders and support discussion and further investigation, demonstrate the excellent research and analytical capabilities of AWC students. The Maxwell Papers are an outstanding example of the research work done at AWC as students hone their critical thinking skills while tackling real-world problems facing the Air Force in the twenty-first century.

The METCAT Papers were established by The Air Force Negotiation Center to serve as a repository for innovative and progressive manuscripts concerning themes within Military Education and Training in Conflict Analysis and Transformation (METCAT).

Perspectives on Cyber Power Papers
Cyber Power Papers provide original and accessible overviews of subjects about cyber power, conflict, and cooperation by practitioners and renowned scholars who are leaders in their fields. They provide venues for dialogue and study about cyber power and its relationships to national security, foreign relations, military operations, economic policy, and other strategic issues, and they are essential reading for senior military leaders, professional military education students, and interagency, academic, and private-sector partners. 


SAASS Theses
These SAASS theses were selected for publication from among those submitted to the faculty of SAASS, as one of the requirements for completion of a master’s degree in air and space power art and science. AU Press no longer publishes this series, but award-winning SAASS theses are now published in the Drew Papers series.

Schriever Papers
Following the establishment of the U.S. Space Force in 2019, Air University Press launched the Schriever Paper series to provide a forum for discussion of topics focused on space in general and the Space Force in particular. Named for Gen Bernard A. Schriever, the founder of the space and missile force, the series highlights contemporary issues and future challenges in space and the establishment and development of space forces and the domain writ large. 

Walker Papers
Walker Papers are selected and published from over 50 papers written by field grade officers participating in the Air Force Fellows program. Selected officers attend civilian universities and organizations for one year, studying national security strategy and serving as military ambassadors to prestigious institutions. The papers, named after Brig Gen Kenneth N. Walker, a former Air Corps Tactical School instructor and Medal of Honor recipient in the Pacific during World War II, are published annually.

Wright Flyers
Wright Flyers are occasional papers sponsored by the Air Command and Staff College (ACSC). The ACSC prints and distributes a limited run of each paper. AU Press does not stock any titles in the Wright Flyers series and they are available in PDF only.

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