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  • AUP's JIPA Adds New Collaboration to JIPA Website

    In collaboration with Dr. Peter Harris (Colorado State University), AUP’s JIPA has added a new section to its website. Click through to read more.
  • AUP Publications Featured in AMC's Squadron Commander's Course

    The Air Mobility Command is featuring AUP's publications in its upcoming Squadron Commander’s Course. Click to see which publications are featured.
  • "An Honorable Place in American Air Power": Civil Air Patrol Coastal Patrol Operations, 1942–1943

    Author Frank Blazich has spent years researching and compiling disparate records of Civil Air Patrol's short-lived--but influential--coastal patrol operations of World War II, which he synthesizes into the first scholarly monograph that cements the legacy of this unique and vital wartime civil-military cooperative effort. [Dr. Frank Blazich / 2020 / 258 pages / ISBN: 9781585663057 / AU Press Code: B-168]
  • Design Thinking in Commerce and War: Contrasting Civilian and Military Innovation Methodologies

    This monograph addresses how military design thinkers can maximize the utility of the design methodologies they select for employment when designing military operations. Presently, Western militaries apply a mix of two distinct types of design thinking, each with a different origin and employing different paradigms, yet most military practitioners remain unaware of this situation. The result is confusion, obfuscation through inappropriate conceptual overlap, and sub-optimal outcomes when overlapping types of design are simultaneously applied to identify and solve operational problems. These two types of design thinking come from different arenas: one has a background in various “civilian” disciplines, and in commerce and industry; the other originates within militaries themselves. This monograph attempts to untangle these two types of design thinking from each other through the provision of a detailed historical account, followed by a paradigmatic analysis of each. It then addresses the two types together, examining how a deliberately cultivated awareness of both can lead to enhanced design thinking outcomes, and exploring how military design thinking might evolve in the near future. [Dr. Aaron P. Jackson / 2020 / 88 pages / ISSN 2575-6745 / AU Press Code: LP-7]
  • Hot Topic: Diversity and Inclusion

    The Department of the Air Force needs the talents of a diverse group of air and space professionals to maintain supremacy in air, space, and cyberspace. Diversity and inclusion initiatives ensure that every air and space operator understands that they are an essential and valued part of the team, and free to focus on mission accomplishment without fear of discrimination or harassment. AUP and AU's resources augment those available elsewhere in support of vital training and education to enhance research and support training to ensure the most diverse and inclusive environment possible.
  • Call for Articles and Manuscripts: Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2)

    Air University Press is soliciting manuscripts, journal articles, and short papers that focus on Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) . . . More . . .
  • The Hydra: The Strategic Paradox of Human Security in Mexico

    This paper explores the social climate and circumstances in Mexico that have led to increased cartel activity over the past twenty years. Analysis of these circumstances shows that both Mexico and the United States have failed in their efforts to eradicate cartels and curb violent crime and illicit drug trafficking on both sides of the border. An examination of the Mexican administrations over two decades highlights the efforts and missteps the governments have made that contribute to the rising violent crime rates throughout the country. This paper also discusses potential solutions to those problems and the difficulties both countries face in implementing them. [Maj Zachary Martin / 2020 / 42 pages / ISSN 2687-7260 / AU Press Code: WF-78]
  • Behind the Light Switch: Toward a Theory of Air Mobility

    This study offers a theory of air mobility intended to assist practitioners and policy makers in analyzing the efficacy of air mobility operations. It begins by presenting a model of air mobility utility that incorporates the key airpower and logistical principles of velocity, capacity, attainability, and sustainability to graphically illustrate air mobility’s effects within a campaign. Additionally, the five critical factors of freedom of movement, command and control, integrated logistics, technology, and training are examined as essential elements that must be addressed to determine air mobility success. Next the theory’s model and factors are applied to eight historical case studies, ranging from combat operations of the Second World War to recent humanitarian disaster relief efforts, which typify the broad air mobility missions set. [Derek Salmi / 2020 / 204 pages / ISBN: 9781585662982 / AU Press Code: B-163]
  • The Better Mind of Space

    This paper explores space and space culture from two distinct perspectives. The traditional mind of space believes that air and space are indivisible and is limited from the surface of the Earth to geosynchronous Earth orbit. This mind, Maj Lohmeier argues, can limit the effectiveness of the Air Force and the now-formed US Space Force. The emergent mind of space is one that understands the delineation between air and space and views the domain of the military as reaching as far as the moon. This mind, the author says, should be adopted by all space professionals to aid the joint fight and establish the United States’ interests in an ever-expanding military and geopolitical landscape. [Maj Matthew L. Lohmeier / 2020 / 43 pages / ISSN 2687-7260 / AU Press Code: WF-79]