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  • Dr. David N. Spires

    Author of Assured Access: A History of the United States Air Force Space Launch Enterprise, 1945–2020

  • Cyber Deterrence Revisited

    Cyber Deterrence Revisited endeavors to disentangle the ongoing academic discussions regarding creating a deterrence theory applicable to cyberspace. It critically reflects on deterrence mechanism outcomes, shortfalls, and misconceptions and explains when cyber deterrence is and is not successful.

  • JIPA Vol 5, No.2

    Journal of the Indo-Pacific Affairs - Vol 5, No.2 March - April

  • Iran, China, and the Future World Order: Unipolarity or Multipolarity?

    The twenty-first century has seen a series of geopolitical and strategic shifts around the world, including in the Indo-Pacific, presenting major challenges to national leaders and military planners. Tectonic movements following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, paired with technological

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