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No Moment of Victory: The NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan, 2009–2011

  • Published
  • By Martin Loicano and Craig C. Felker

No Moment of Victory examines NATO coalition efforts to build Afghan Army and police forces with the objective of transitioning the war to Afghan control. The NATO Training Mission–Afghanistan (NTM-A) grew from a handful of senior officers and enlisted personnel to over 6,000 coalition members training Afghans across the country. Yet there was also a deep historical underpinning to the command’s programs and processes. This book examines the influence of Cold War modernization theory on NTM-A from 2009 to 2011 and offers a cautionary account of the limits of Western military practices and culture in security force assistance.



AuthorsMartin Loicano and Craig C. Felker
AU Press CodeB-171
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