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Dr. Donovan Chau

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Author of Strategy Matters: Essays in Honor of Colin S. Gray

Dr. Donovan C. Chau is a faculty fellow in the Kugelman Honors Program at the University of West Florida. He teaches and supervises undergraduate and graduate students in the Government and Information Technology departments. Previously, he was an associate professor of political science at California State University, San Bernardino. Before academia, Dr. Chau worked as a professional staff member in the US House of Representatives and a US government contractor in homeland security and counterterrorism. He received his PhD from the University of Reading.

Strategy Matters: Essays in Honor of Colin S. Gray

Strategy Matters is a collection of essays written in honor of Colin S. Gray by his students, spanning three decades and three continents. This volume examines a multitude of subjects and topics—all through the strategic lens of Gray and his students. It references Gray’s works in each chapter and reflects on his unique and wide-ranging strategic contributions. Collectively, the essays make the case for why strategy matters and, as Gray himself wrote half a century ago, remains “a necessary field of intellectual endeavor.” [Donovan C. Chau / 2022 / 246 pages / ISBN Print: 978-1-58566-321-7 | Digital: 978-1-58566-318-7 / AU Press Code: B-175]

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