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Grand Strategy Concentration

Course Number and Title Semester Hours
PC1150 Academic Prep(P/F) Non-Credit
EL6100 Research 5
LD6250 GSS Strategic Leadership and the Profession of Arms 3
FS6540 Grand Strategy 8
FS6455 Grand Strategy Field Studies 3
WF6550 Design and Execution 6
RS6600 Regional Security Studies 4
GS6750 Global Security 3
WG6581 Anarchic Venture Exercise 2
EX6950 Comprehensive Oral Exam (letter grade) 1
Total 35


Students selected to the Grand Strategy Concentration (GSC) seek a deeper understanding of the development and implementation of grand strategy than is attained through the regular curriculum. The concentration examines the historical practice of strategic art, the challenges of leadership and innovation at the strategic level, the relationship between the military instrument of power and national political objectives, and the interplay of global and regional security trends. Those selected for this concentration are degree-eligible students and complete all courses required for the Master of Strategic Study. The GSC is a volunteer concentration of approximately 12 students forming a separate seminar at the beginning of the academic year. As such, the GSC curriculum is tailored from the core to more deeply explore strategy and strategic leadership. However, the GSC course of study offers unique engagement opportunities with current and former military and civilian senior leaders and GSC-only field studies trips enrich student understanding of the GSC curriculum. Interested officers are encouraged to speak with faculty members associated with the program, but those officers with prior experience at strategic-level assignments, who have completed an Advanced Studies Group school and/or who have well-developed writing and critical-thinking skills are encouraged to apply. The AWC commandant will approve all selections for GSC enrollment. Course descriptions for the GSC follow the regular concentration course descriptions.

Note: All courses must be taken in residence at AWC. Courses taken in the distance-learning program may not be used to satisfy course requirements of the resident master’s degree or diploma.