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Joint Warrior Seminar Studies

Course Number and Title Semester Hours
JW6500 Warfare Course (Strategy/Leadership/Operational Art) 11
JW6600 Warfighting Course (War Application/Joint Fires/JLASS-SP Exercise) 6
RS6600 Regional Security Studies 4
JW6700 European Theater of Operations Studies 3
RE6100 Research (Directed PSP) 5
NS6300 National Strategic Decision Making 3
GS6700 Global Security 3
EX6952 Comprehensive Oral Examination 1
Total 35


This seminar concentration educates joint leaders in national strategy and integrated joint-campaigning with a focus on contemporary near-peer and future great power environments. Through this course, students will study historical vignettes and participate in interactive-exercises and field studies that highlight the art and science of war by connecting lessons from past wars to the competition continuum and future great power conflicts. Joint Warrior Studies Seminar graduates are able to plan, organize and lead all-domain, large-scale joint campaigns and operations, making them well-appointed to serve as future Joint Task Force Commanders and Joint Task Force Staff Officers.

Note: All courses must be taken in residence at AWC. Courses taken in the distance-learning program may not be used to satisfy course requirements of the resident master’s degree or diploma.